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Primitive Campsite

The Outdoor Camping Guide is an easy to learn information guide to all things camping.  Through trial and error over the years, we have learned what works and what is important for you to know. 

Info for beginner campers to learn about camping can be found right here.  We cover basic camping skills, information on the different types of camping, camp cooking methods, and general information you can use on your camping trips.

By increasing your camping skill level, you can find answers to questions such as:

  • The differences between a tent and pop-up camping
  • How do I pick the right campsite?
  • How do I make the most out of a camping vacation?
  • What equipment do I need to take on my trip?
Motorcycle Camping

Undecided on which camping type you want to try?  Click on  Types of Camping to learn about tent camping, small camping trailers, backpacking and many more choices.  You will be able to make a good decision on what type of camping is best for you or your family.

Once you know what type of camping you want to do, check out the Camping Guide page to learn about important camping basics.  You will find out how to choose the right campsite, set up your camp properly, and even learn one method of building the campfire.  By increasing your camping skills will be key in deciding on what equipment  is really needed.  This will be vitally important if you decide to try  survival camping.

Organizing for a safe and well-planned adventure will be easier when using a camping checklist.   We have developed a checklist for each of the various types of camping, assuring that you will have essential outdoor camping gear for your trip.  Knowing exactly what you need allows you to purchase higher quality items that will last.

Campfire Cooking

The cooking equipment and supplies that are needed will depend on what type of camping you do as well as what type of cooking that will be done.  Learn about the various ways to prepare Camping meals that are just as delicious as those you prepare at home.    Learn how to do the different types of cooking at your site and all the different recipes available.  This is a basic step in survival camping.

Whether camping with the family or with friends, check out our Camping Activities page.  Adults and children can enjoy simple crafts and games and other types of activities for little or no cost.  Remember, you will be under a night sky where you can sing songs, tell stories or just star gaze, and everyone can enjoy these activities.

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