Truck Tents

Truck tents can be set up in a matter of minutes and can offer the same luxury of a large tent without leaving the truck bed. Ideal for hunters, anglers or just a couple to get to any location a truck can take you.  If you have 4-wheel drive, your campsite can be in even more remote area.  Up off the ground, you are safe from visits from creatures of the night.

Truck Tents

Just like 2 man or larger tents there is a variety of styles depending on your needs.  Overall design has 5.5 ft. headroom, flies, with or without a floor, storage pockets etc.  When deciding which truck bed tent to purchase, you will need to know the size of your truck bed.

Truck Tent Setup

Most look the same as those you set up on the ground, except the tent is secured to the truck.  Set up in the bed of the truck, the side channels are used to secure the frame.  From that point, setup is the same as any other, adding the spring rods through the sleeved portions of the tent fabric.

For additional comfort, add a canopy or screen room that extends beyond the bed of the truck.  Giving an area to eat, relax or for extra storage leaving the tent strictly for sleeping.  While it is not recommended to cook under the awning, you could add a heater that exhaust to the outside air while heating the tent.

Types of Truck Tents

Truck Tent

You can also use a hard topper and add a SUV tent, which attaches to the outer edge of the bed.  The advantage of hard shells is that they are set in place so you can arrange the bed for sleeping and storage without having to rearrange anything when ready to turn in.  Simple aluminum camper shells runs about $200 and up, but check your local paper as a good second-hand topper will be relatively cheap.

The popularity of truck camping has been rejuvenated in recent years.  Truck campers and toppers were the first to be used. Truck tent was what made that happen, easy to store, easy to set up.  When doing this type of camping, you can get a good night sleep after a long day of hunting or fishing.  Just add an air mattress, that fits the truck bed.  You're not only off the cold, damp ground, but also off the hard truck bed.

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