Tips For Camping In Winter And Not Freezing While Trying

In winter, for some adventurers, going to the mountains means renting a cabin with a fireplace, heating, and everything you need to spend a few cozy days as far away from the cold as possible. For others, even more adventurous, it’s about packing what is necessary for the backpack to sleep outdoors and under the stars, but in a tent.

Find the best area to set up your store.

When looking for your camping spot, it is essential that you study the place a little. It is not only important to find the least inclined site. Observing which part of the area is the sunniest throughout the day and where there is less humidity will make the difference on your nights. In the morning, leave the tent open for ventilation and moisture-wicking to dry, but before the afternoon falls, close the tent so that the last rays of the sun warm it.

Use the correct sleeping bag.

A synthetic sleeping bag will never be hotter than one made of goose feathers. It is important that the outer material is breathable. In the morning, turn it over and dry it over the tent. At night, before sleeping, cover yourself with it while you dine, so that it warms up, but be careful to bring it too close to the campfire -if you are in an area that allows it-, they are generally made of highly flammable material.

The sleeping bass is essential.

The better the quality of your bass sleeping, not only will you rest better, but it will also isolate you from the cold of the ground.


When it is very cold, we don’t feel thirsty, but staying hydrated is as important in summer as in winter. In this season, you can drink tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. The advantage of the latter is that it will provide you with extra calories for your favorite outdoor activity.

Prepare adequate food

As we were saying, teas, coffees, hot chocolate, but also soups, broths, are extraordinary foods to raise body temperature. Of course, do not wait too long to return to the tent to sleep because after eating the blood, it goes to the stomach to carry out the digestion process, and during that time, we naturally feel colder.

Extra tip: the water bag

Do you know the hot water bottles? They are not only ideal for pain relief, but they are also an excellent camping item. You fill them with hot water 20min before going to sleep and put them in your sleeping, and you will feel at home! If you cannot get them, another option is a bottle of water or thermos -best if it is made of aluminum-, with which you can follow the same procedure.

So now you know, take advantage of these tips. The better your rest and the less cold you spend, the more energy you will have on the mountain.

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