Things To Do To Not Get Bored On A Camping Site

Your well-deserved vacation has finally arrived! This year you have decided to go camping, nothing better than being surrounded by nature to disconnect and charge batteries. But just resting at the end becomes boring. You need activity, get out of the routine, do something different.

Don’t you know the environment? Do you need ideas? If you are bored, and you don’t know if there is something interesting to do relatively close to the campsite, read on. Prepare the backpack because you already have plans for today.

Together, light a fire

In camping you cannot miss the typical campfire, for this your you and friends can take turns to create it and make a fire (as long as fires are allowed, you must be clear about this when organizing the camping)this will be useful for lighting the place when it gets dark, they will be able to cook in it in case they choose to bring meats or decide to make hot dogs and try marshmallows on the fire.

Sing on the camping trip

On a camping trip with friends, it is common to carry out nightly activities sitting in front of the campfire, such as Singing, if one of your friends play an instrument because this is the time for him to demonstrate his talent to all his friends. This will give much more the atmosphere for your camping.

Tell stories and anecdotes at night

These activities are very entertaining, making anecdotes from when they were in high school or starting to tell those famous horror stories that happen between the forests and bushes.

During the day, visit rivers and waterfalls

For daytime activities, they can coordinate to go to a nearby waterfall (if there are any, of course), or they can go to a lake or river and spend a relaxed day listening to the water running, making jokes, comics and of course, accompanied by a few bottles of beer.

Go for a walk or excursion near the camping site

Other options for daytime activities on a camping trip with friends are hiking (without losing sight of the way to take back your belongings) throughout the forest, mountain, desert, or wherever they are. There will be no better way to get to know if it is not going yourself to see what nature brings you.

On what date or season is it best to camp?

This here is a matter of taste, and we can camp every season of the year if we want to. We can go camping in winter, spring, summer, and autumnIf you and your friends are not afraid of climate change and are prepared for anything, this will not be an obstacle.

We can say that the best seasons are summer and spring, although camping in the fall is beautiful, seeing how the landscapes change color due to the trees that complement them.

In summer it is a fabulous season since the weather favors and allows us to go where we want, get into the river or lake, visit the beach or climb the highest mountain that we propose. To finish, in spring, the landscapes are even more beautiful, the aroma and flora are incredible, the climate is suitable for any activity and most importantly… we can find food and drinks at a lower price.

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