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Tent Camping

Tent camping origins date back thousands of years from simply stretching animal skins over a framework and have been refined ever since.  Most refinements came from military encampments and pioneers.  Improving on protection from the elements, and ease in set up.  

Most people start out camping in a tent and move on to trailers and RVs.  Then there those like us, that would not give it up.  The closeness to nature, only  replaced by sleeping directly under the stars.

Choosing your camping tent

4 Man Tent

Today, most tents are fabricated from flame-resistant fabric and with the addition of collapsible carbon fiber or fiberglass support rods, can be set up in 20 minutes or less.  2 man tents can be set up in just under 10 minutes.

The variety of tent styles can match any type of camping you are interested in doing.  Whether you are backpacking, canoe camping you are still tent camping.

The Tents for Camping page lists the different types available.  It all depends on where you are going, how many people are going, and the temperature at the campsite.

Choosing your tent campsite

The campsite itself may be out in the wild or at maintained spot within a campground.  Know how to pick your site, especially the more rustic sites you choose.  There is a right and wrong way in selecting the campsite, and nothing will put a damper on a camping trip if the wrong site is selected.  Choosing your campsite gives basic information on selecting the right spot to put up the tent. This is basic survival camping you are learning. 

After the campsite is selected, check out the Setting Up Camp page for tips on good practices to use on any camping trip.  Remember, you are camping to enjoy the great outdoors, not have to go into battle with nature.

Building a campfire


Once camp is set up, your attention should now be on where and how to build the all important campfire.  Read up on Camp Fire Basics if unsure on the proper and safe methods for building and maintaining a campfire and fire pit.

Tent camping can be enjoyed by the entire family, each family member has something to do around the campsite.  Helping prepare meals, gathering firewood, and keeping the tent clean are just some of the tasks that even small children can do and this makes for a more enjoyable trip.

Since you are out in the wild to "get away from it all", what you are getting away from is the day-to-day society of the human race.  However, the great outdoors is the domain of wildlife and while most will never pose a threat, be aware that you are bringing food to their doorstep.

8 person tent

If the campsite is one that is driven to, keep ice chests and all food items locked inside the vehicle.  When cooking, keep any grease, bones, vegetables and the like in a double wrapped garbage bag and take care not to get any on the outsides of the bags.  Animals can smell a potential meal from a great distance and carelessness on your part will bring them running, usually in the middle of the night.

Finally, the day comes when the trip is over and to break camp.  As a courtesy to others and as good stewards of our natural resources, make sure your campsite is cleaner than you found it.  Tent Camping has for the most part been our preferred way to go camping and we have had a lot of experience over the years.

If you have any questions at all about different tent styles or which one would be best for you, email us using the Contact Us page. 

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