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The cliché of survival of the fittest is not used only to describe the animal kingdom.  It also pertains to the human race as well whether pitted against wildlife or one another.  While no one really knows what the future may bring, there is a true spirit among many that these skills are becoming increasingly important to learn.

Survival Backpack

Our pages on camping and prepping lay out common-sense practices and knowledge of knowing what to do will be invaluable.

A successful survival camping trip has been the personal goal of outdoor enthusiasts over the years.  This camping has been treated mostly as a hobby up to this point.  We recognize that due to a myriad of factors, that there is a growing trend among many citizens of wanting to be prepared for any type of emergency, manmade, or natural.

Many of the skill sets used in this type of camping can be used in one form or fashion during everyday life.  The Boy Scouts train for years with a single motto, "Be Prepared".  These two simple words if practiced, can mean the difference between life and death regardless of the situation.

The biggest distinction between camping and prepping is that camping is a planned activity you will travel to and endure when you are ready. 

Prepping on the other hand, ensures you are ready for anything that may confront you wherever you happen to be.  While both are all about your personal existence, prepping involves every member of your family and for that reason, becomes a completely different topic and set of information.

Survival Camping

The basic skill sets discussed in our Camping pages are just as important to learn if not more so.  Surviving in the wild with no conveniences of everyday life ensures you will be able to stay alive.  This type of camping will test your endurance and adaptability to handle situations that you are not accustomed.  To be a successful, requires physical training along with many hours of practice both in the wild and at home.

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Our Prepping page will cover the basics needed in the event of an emergency. Regardless of the severity of the emergency, much of what is discussed will draw on knowing many of the basic camping skills from this section.

All we can do is to give you the basic information needed to survive.   It is up to you to learn, train, and practice the skills every day to become a true expert.  Factors such as terrain, the weather, and the availability to find food and water while not a guarantee goes a long way in staying alive.

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