Small Camper Setup -

           Setting Up and Maintenance

Small camper Setup provides generic information that applies to all small campers, regardless of brand name.   Lightweight trailers all require the same level of safety precautions when being set up:

  • Leveling the trailer
  • Making utility connections

In addition, there are 3 maintenance periods that if followed will keep your small travel trailer in top shape for years to come.

These maintenance periods are:

  • After Every Camping Trip
  • Post season preparation
  • Pre-season maintenance

Small Camper Setup

Once you have arrived at your campsite and backed the trailer into its location, there are a few steps that should be followed in order to have a safe camping trip.

First, check out how level the ground is where you will be setting up your trailer.  If there is too much of a slope, maneuver the trailer onto flatter ground.

Small Camper Trailer

Next, chock the wheels on both sides to prevent movement of the trailer while adjusting the leveling jacks.  Disconnect any electrical harnesses from your vehicle and unlatch the hitch.

Using the two front jacks, raise both until the trailer is clear of the hitch ball.  Move your vehicle now.

Now using all four jacks, level the trailer.  If the ground is soft, place flat supports such as pieces of 4 x 4 or concrete blocks under the stands.  If done properly, your trailer's frame should now be completely level.

Making Utility Connections

Small camper setup also includes how to make utility connections.  Again, make sure everyone is completely clear when plugging into any electrical outlet.  Inspect your electrical service cord for any frays or scuffs to the insulation and temporarily tape these thoroughly.  The service cord should be replaced at your earliest convenience.

Once the power is plugged in, turn the main breaker on and close any covers to prevent moisture from getting to the connections.

Before turning on any propane fuel, make sure all devices inside the camper that use gas are turned off.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your small travel trailer on how to properly light any pilot lights or start any devices that use gas.

Tearing down the setup

Make sure to shut off all gas valves to appliances first before turning of the gas.  Turn off the circuit breaker first before removing service cord from electrical supply.  Finally, make sure to reconnect all electrical harnesses after the trailer is latched to the hitch ball.  Make sure all jack stands are fully up, and locked for travel and lock the door as well.

Post Season Maintenance

It is important to prepare your camper for the off season precisely according to the manufacturer to be done will include a thorough flushing of any water tanks and draining them completely.  This prevents the possibility of freezing water lines that will crack.

If there is a hot water heater on board, make sure this is drained as well.

Obviously if there is a port a potty on board, remove this and make sure any wastes are disposed of properly and the unit is thoroughly flushed and sanitized.

If there are any electrical issues encountered during the past trips, make sure to fix them now before it gets to the start of the next season.  It is highly recommended to lubricate any portion of the axle and wheels if they are called out in the manual.

Pre-Season Maintenance

Small camper Setup also includes some preseason maintenance as well.   Generally, these include filling of any propane and water tanks, recharging the porta potty, and a quick check of all systems to make sure they are working.

Storage of Small Camper

One final note about maintenance.  If your teardrop camper will be parked outside, make sure it is parked on the driveway instead of dirt or grass.  If this is not an option, then back the trailer onto flat boards so it does not contact the dirt or grass directly.  This will slow down any tire rot that could occur.

If you have additional questions about small camper setup, contact us using the Contact Us button on this page.  Contact Us button on this page. 

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