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Setting up camp tips will help you when you arrive at your campsite.  There are just little things that seasoned camper do with out thinking.  If you were to just sit and watch other campers set up camp, you would notice many good tips.

Another way is to watch the campers when the weather turns bad.  Some will be scrambling, and then disappearing until the rain stops, even a light shower.  The more seasoned will have already prepared a head of time.  Camping Carl says a little shower ain't going to hurt ya just sit tight it will stop soon enough.  Of course, Camping Carl is always sitting under a tree in his favorite chair.

We have done a lot of camping, observed a lot of campers, and Camping Carl.  When talking to other campers, the conversation soon turns to setting up camp tips that they have been picked up over time.  If you need more info, go to Setting Up Camp.

1. Check with the campground about security and quiet hours.  Noisy campers spoil any camping trip.

2. Remove twigs and rocks from tent area before laying down tarp or putting up tent.  One way is to rake the area removing most of the debris.

3. Check to see where the shade is at your campsite, this will be where you want your table and chairs to be.

4. Use the campsite or surrounding area for supplies as much as possible.  Use wood at the campsite for tent stakes if needed or use railroad spikes to build a stand for your frying pan.  . 

5. If it begins to rain while putting up tent place tent fly over tent to keep rain from getting in.  A tarp would work as well.

6. Bring an extra tarp.  It can be used for shading your campsite or if begins to rain keeping your campsite dry.

7. Use a plastic laundry soap container full of water for washing hands etc.  With imagination, you can attach a roll of paper towels or just set the towels next to it.

8. Put a rope, string through the paper towel tube. Tie ends together. Loop over slat in picnic table or from a low limb.  If you have a wire clothes hanger, simply unwind where to end meet, put through tube, re twist.

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