Rafting can be one of the extreme adventures that everyone should do at least once.  Whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran this is one activity that you will talk about long after your trip.  Most states that surround the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains have great rivers with all different levels of difficulty.  For example, you and the family can enjoy the class 2 or 3 rapids on the Nantahala River in NC or go for maximum excitement on the French Broad or Ocoee rivers.

Rafting down the river

These white water companies near or on rivers where you can hire a guide and/or just rent.  The trips can range for just the day to a week or more.  Usually the larger the river the longer the trip can be book.

The difficult of the rapids are associated with the length of trip.  You would have to be an expert in order to do the longer trips.  Having a guide on the trip is more than just having some who can negotiate the rapids.  The guide is also trained in first aid, survival and has constant contact with a base camp.  Some people think that if they have done it a hundred times before and can handle the stronger rapids they can be sadly mistaken.

Both activities can be a safe sport too if you know just a few rules of the road.  First of all, if you have poor circulation and get cold easily, we recommend that you rent a wet suit from one of the outdoor outfitters before taking the trip.  The temperature on most of these rivers can be cold even in summer.

About the only danger that can happen is what to do if you fall out of your craft.  The first rule is always the same: - Cross your legs, and float down the river feet first.

  1. Above all, stay calm and don't fight the river.
  2. The last thing you want to do is make yourself tired and fighting the current is foolish and dangerous.

Hopefully you followed the obvious rule of wearing a life jacket, but it does have to be mentioned.  Planning a trip on the water as part of your camping activities on your next camping trip will make for a memorable and exciting time you will talk about for a long time afterwards.

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