Pop-Up Camper Setup -

               Setting Up and Maintenance

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Pop-Up Camper Setup provides basic information that applies to all popup trailers, regardless of brand name.  Some times referred to as Tent trailers, all require the same level of safety precautions when being set up:

  • Leveling the Pop-Up trailer
  • Raising the Pop-Up camper
  • Connecting all utility connections

In addition, there are 3 maintenance periods that if followed will keep your Pop-Up camper in top shape for years to come.

These maintenance periods are:

  • After Every Camping Trip
  • Post season preparation
  • Preseason maintenance

Pop-Up Camper Setup

Once you have arrived at your campsite and backed the tent trailer into it's location, there are a few steps that should be followed in order to have a safe camping trip.

First, check out how level the ground is where you will be setting up your tent trailer.   If there is too much of a slope, maneuver the Pop-Up trailer onto flatter ground.

Next, chock the wheels on both sides of the Pop-up trailer to prevent movement of the camper trailer while adjusting the leveling jacks.   Once the Tent trailer is secure and it has a drop down wheel at the hitch, crank down the wheel to lift the trailer off the vehicle hitch.  Be sure to remove the safety chains and unplug all harnesses for lights and brakes.  If there is no wheel stand, place the jacks under the Pop-Up camper trailer now.

Now using the sight level on the floor of the Pop-up trailer, lower or raise the wheel stand until the trailer is level from front to back.  Lay down support blocks if necessary and place the 4 jack stands at the four corners of the trailer frame.

Now raise the side of the Pop-Up trailer until the sight level bubble is centered.  Make sure you do both the front and back evenly.  Snug up the other two jack stands until most of the pressure is taken off the wheel stand.

If done properly, your Pop-up camper trailer's frame should now be completely level.

Raising the Pop-Up Camper and Utility Connections

Setting up Pop Up Trailer

The reason the Pop-Up Camper trailer was leveled first during setup was so there would be less chance of damage to moving members of the trailer.  If the frame is slightly twisted, this will put a strain on any cable assemblies and sliding members.

Double check the level once more and then follow the manufacturer's instructions for raising the top of your Pop-Up camper.  Make sure everyone is clear during this process to avoid pinched hands or fingers.

Once the top is fully extended, slide out both sleeping berths into their locked positions.  If there are additional support stands that help support these, place them now as directed by the instructions.

Utility Connections

Pop-up camper setup also includes how to make utility connections.  Again, make sure everyone is completely clear when plugging into any electrical outlet.  Inspect your electrical service cord for any frays or scuffs to the insulation and temporarily tape these thoroughly.  The service cord should be replaced at your earliest convenience.

Once the power is plugged in, turn the main breaker on and close any covers to prevent moisture from getting to the connections.

Before turning on any propane fuel, make sure all devices inside the Pop-Up camper that use gas are turned off.  Follow your manufacturer's instructions for your tent trailer on how to properly light any pilot lights or start any devices that use gas.

When tearing down your Pop-Up camper, just make sure to wipe any moisture off of the soft sides of the camper before it is collapsed.  This one step will prevent moisture, mold and extend the life considerably.

Pre-Season Maintenance

Pop-Up Camper Setup also includes some preseason maintenance as well.  Generally, these include filling of any propane and water tanks, recharging the port-a-potty, and a quick check of all systems to make sure they are working.

Storage of Pop-Up Trailer

One final note about maintenance.  If your Pop-Up camper will be parked outside, make sure it is parked on the driveway instead of dirt or grass.   If this is not an option, then back the Pop-Up trailer onto flat boards so it does not contact the dirt or grass directly.  This will slow down any tire rot that could occur.

If you have additional questions about the Pop-Up camper setup or maintenance, contact us using the Contact Us button on this page.

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