Outdoor Ski Ball

by Velma


5 paper plates
Magic Marker
Bean Bags

Number plates 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Place plates with 10 the closet and 50 the farthest(spacing will depend age of players.

Each player takes turns toss the bean bag to land on a plate.

Version 1:

Each player takes a turn tossing to any plate to score point.

Version 2:

Played in rounds.
1st round to hit 10 plate
2nd round to hit 20 plate
and so on.

Version 3:
Each player toss to each plate in order. 10 then 20 and so on. Turn end when the player misses. Then it is the next players turn.

If you do not have bean bags, small rocks or sponges can be used.

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