Outdoor Crafts

Pine Cone Figures

Outdoor Crafts is another Camping Activity that kids can do while camping.  Most of the supplies they will need are found around your campsite.  You will only have to bring a minimum amount of supplies from home.  The items would bring such as paper, glue, markers, scissors, yarn, paint etc. could easily fit into a container.

Unless you are going to be camping for several days and have an area at your campsite that you can devote for activities, simple is best.  If the project needs some drying time for example spread newspaper or plastic on the trunk of your car or bed of the truck.

Those that have several steps may not be the best choice or left to older children and adults.  The key is to be an activity that may take a couple hours and done at the picnic table.  Keeping the mess to a minimum, glue, paint, glitter should be purchased or put in smaller containers.

Adults may need to help the children but they also may find themselves doing their own project.  This is definitely one of those activities for the whole family not just for the kids.  Ideas for this type of activity, are only limited to your imagination.  Free crafts make some of the best kids' activities.  Once completed, the children can take them home to show off to or give to the Grandparents or take to school for show and tell.

With pinecones twigs, rocks, leaves, flowers all around the list are endless.

Outdoor Craft Ideas

Here are just a few:

Autumn Leaf Place mat
Bead Buddies
Branch Earring Holder
Camping Buckets
CD Campfire
Coffee Can Drum
Fairy Flower Crown
Flowered Placemats
Glitter Leaf Decoration
Glow-in-the-Dark Caps
Handmade Paper Bead Necklace
Hiking Necklace
Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

Hot Dog Roaster
Kids' Kaleidoscope
Memory Box
Nature Frame
Paper Bag Apple
Personalized Nature Pals
Pet Rocks
Pine cone crafts
Pressed Flower Picture
Rock Ladybug
Rock Paperweights
Treasure Hunt Map
Twig Picture Frame

Outdoor Camping Crafts

Not all require instructions, for those that do, they can be found on the web or in children's craft book or you may remember if you ever went to summer camp.  The important thing to remember this is for fun and not to be a contest.

Have an idea for a fun craft for children? Leave a comment and we will post it on our crafts page.

What Outdoor Crafts do you do while camping?

What crafts do you do while camping? Other crafters and parent would be interested, how about sharing yours!

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