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Outdoor Cookware

What outdoor cookware used on the camping trip will be determine by what type of cooking you plan on doing.  Selection of pots and pans ranges from compact, lightweight for backpackers to cast iron Dutch Ovens for tent, truck, van campers, to what you would use at home for trailer campers.

Although you could use the same cookware you do at home, unless it is heavy, you may want to think twice.  Outdoor cookware is made of material that with stand high heat.  If you are going to cook only on a camp stove, you can use the lighter pots and pans.  If you are going to prepare your meals on the campfire, you will need a set made of the heavier material.

Cooking on a fire you will be using some type of grill or tripod, it would is advisable to use cast iron or carbon steel camping cookware.  Any other types would have to be made of heavy enough material to with stand the heat of the fire or charcoal.  Pots and pans used on the campfire have longer handles, which helps you from being burned.  No matter what you choose, keep in mind once you use it on a campfire you will not want to bring back in the house to use.  Although you can easily clean the inside, outside would become less appealing.

What Outdoor Cookware set to purchase?

Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Camping Cookware such as  pots and pans are made of stainless steel or aluminum and made to take high heat.  They are ANODIZED a process that makes the steel or aluminum to with stand higher heat and are more durable.  This does not mean that you will not have / should use a higher heat, but that you can use them on the camp stove or campfire.  If used on the campfire they should not have direct contact. 

When using these types of outdoor cookware, it is advisable to use a grate that is adjustable, as well as controlling the temperature of your fire.  Most outdoor cookware can be purchase in sets that fit inside each other, with removable or folding handles. 

There are camping cookware sets that are specifically size for backpackers or motorcycle campers to use on a single burner stove and can serve as bowl or plate.  Made of Anodized Aluminum, nesting inside of each other makes them very compact.

Cooking and cleaning with these types of pots and pans are the same as at home.  You may have to get use to cooking with gas or over fire, but this is quick to learn.

Cast Iron Cookware

The other type of camping cookware is cast iron, which is ideal for fire pits, or two burner stoves.  Cast Iron cookware can be used on a rack, over the fire, or directly on coals.  Made of heavy-duty cast iron materials, heat distributes evenly with a little practice.  Obliviously because of the weight, this type is not for Backpacking or Motorcycle camping.  Because of the weight, you want to choose pieces that will fit you needs.  We recommend one frying pan and one Dutch Oven one size bigger than what you may need.  This way you can cook either the whole meal or just the meat or vegetables. 

Cast Iron Cookware

One of the most popular pieces is the Dutch oven, a kettle with feet, which can be put directly on coals, rack or hung by a tripod.  Most popular heat source is charcoals, which are place on lid as well as underneath to cook the food evenly.  The cooking temperature is controlled by the number of coals used (see Dutch Oven Recipe Page).  With the versatility, you can bake or cook a whole meal in a Dutch Oven, from soups to stews to bread.  Coming in various sizes, you can find one that is right for your family or group.

The use of cast iron frying pan or griddle would be for frying, grilling food such as fish, eggs, or pancakes.  In addition, ideal for heating up caned items such as stews etc.  As with Dutch ovens, available in various sizes depending on your cooking needs.

Several other cast iron cooking items are available to be use with either the pan or oven.  Long handled items are necessary because of the heat source.  One of these is the lid hook, which allows you to take off a cover without actually touching the cover.  A tripod is used to hang your Dutch Oven or pot on over the fire.  Cast Iron Tables specifically made to place hot coals on are widely used to when cooking in Dutch ovens.

Campfire Cooking

Cleaning cast iron ware is a little different.  DO NOT USE SOAP AND WATER.  You clean with only clean water and a brush.  Using soap will cause the Cast Iron to rust which will require re-seasoning the pot or skillet.  Most Cast Iron Cookware come pre-seasoned.  Follow the instructions that come with the piece you purchase.

Purchasing your Camping Cookware

Do your research about your outdoor cookware, you want it to be durable and fit your cooking needs.  Remember multi-functional is what you are looking when choosing the cookware.  Your Camping Cookware set should be made of durable materials, made to with stand heat and outdoor usage.

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