Outdoor Cooking Supplies

Outdoor Cooking Supplies include all the items that need to be replenished each time you go camping.  These items range from Baggies to cooking oil and everything in between including spices and paper plates.  Just as in your kitchen, they are the more generic items that you will need to prepare your meals.

Making your cooking supply list

The basic items that all campers may need on their cooking supply list will depend on the type of camping you are doing.  The list maybe shorter or longer depending not only on what type of camping you do but the type of camping meals, how many that will be prepared for and how they will be prepared.  We caution in taking too much or little, the more camping you do the easier it will be to judge how much you will need. 

Remember, you always wanting to make the best of the room you have.  So this may require repackaging or just packing a smaller quantity.  In the beginning, you will have to sit down and think about each meal.  What will you need to prepare, and eat the meal.  I find if you pack what you need for the number of people in your group plus one more works.

This is especially good for determining the number for your tableware.  Unless you can wash your dishes after each meal, you are going to determine how much to bring.  This also will determine what and how many meals you have.

Items that maybe included are:

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
Cooking Oil
Spices (garlic, oregano, etc.)                Plastic Forks and Knives
Salt and Pepper

Ketchup and Mustard
Paper Plates
Paper Towels
Trash Bag
Hand Soap / Cleaner
Dish Soap

Outdoor Cooking Supplies Storage

Chuck Box

The amount of any one item you will need will depend on the size of your group, as well as the number of days you will be camping.  Keep in mind that you do not want or may not be able to go shopping, nor do you want to bring back most of what you packed (take 4 rolls of paper towels and bring back 3).  Once you have been on a few camping trips it will be easy to judge how much of any one item on your Outdoor Cooking Supply list you will need.

As with food, protection from the elements is important.  Each item by itself should also be protected when being used or stored.  Devoting a container for all these items will protect them and make it easy to inventory.

If you have a large storage container, you can store not only these items but the non- perishable food items as well.  Taping an outdoor cooking supplies checklist to the inside cover will assure that every item is packed.  I am a strong believer in making it as easy as possible to pack for the trip and find it when I get there.

Purchasing Your Supplies

Outdoor camping grill

Most of the items that are on the list come in larger quantities than what you will need.  Putting the items in smaller containers and plastic bags are best for protection and storage.  Many of the Camping Suppliers have containers that are designed for the items that can be used.  One item is the container for eggs; I would not go camping without it.

Be creative when packaging your items.  

  • Small squirt bottles are ideal for cooking oil, soap, ketchup, or mustard. 
  • Plastic bags from newspapers are great for the plastic cups. 
  • Tic Tac containers or old medicine bottles are great for spices.
  • Use storage containers to store forks, spoons, knives.

Be on the lookout throughout the year for containers that you could use for camping.  Check out our PINTREST page for Storage Ideas.

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