Outdoor Canopy & Shower Tents

Outdoor Canopy

Screened Outdoor Canopy

An Outdoor Canopy is the perfect 10x10 addition at the campsite when you need a little storage, cover from the elements, or shaded eating area.  Sometimes referred to as a Pop Up tent, the various designs are no sides, screen walls, or solid walls.  With the solid wall design, there is one piece for each of three sides; the fourth is two-piece to form a door.

Popular with those who camp for more than a couple of day and those who camp as a group.  They are designed with or without zip down screen or solid nylon walls.  To add to your comfort of the outdoors may mean adding a little more space for protection against the environment.

Open, Screened and Solid Outdoor Canopy

The open side design is a perfect addition to a family camping trip to cover the eating or play area.  Providing shade from the sun as well as some protection from the elements.  As an eating area, you won't have pack up after each meal to prevent leaves etc. falling on the table.  For parents with small children, needing a safe area for your children to do their crafts this would be ideal.  Be sure you keep it away from the fire, as they are made of material that is not fire retardant.

The Screened-In tents are portable 10x10 tents that can be used as an enclosed play area or a dining or storage area.  Just as your screen porch at home, all sides allow the cool breeze in and keeps the bugs OUT.  The solid wall design provides even more protection from the elements especially rain.  With this type all sides, are detachable, three sides each have one piece and the fourth is two pieces for the door. 

Both of these type Outdoor Canopies are a little more inexpensive, but provide a little more comfort for everyone to enjoy.  Some are designed with a door on one or two sides, so the tent can be a stand alone room or be put up against the tent entrance.  If your canopy tent does not have this option, you can leave the side next to the tent off.

Portable Shower Tent

A portable shower tent or bathroom tent is a real nice addition especially with mixed company on any camping adventure.  These style tents are about 3 to 4 feet square and are tall enough for anyone to stand up in or sit down.  The Shower tent has various openings and hooks to accommodate a portable shower hookup.  Along with hooks and pockets for clothing and other essentials.  Check out our camping equipment page for portable shower and toilets and other accessories.

Shower Tent

If you do choose to use privacy tent as a bathroom, it is large enough for any type of camping toilet.  You may even decide to use the tent as a mini bathroom with both the shower and toilet.  It will allow you to be farther away from the camp bathrooms, hence the traffic and noise of other campers.

Camping tents have for the most part been our preferred type of camping and we have had a lot of experience with them over the years.  Consider an outdoor canopy tent, or shower tent as additions to your camping gear, you will be glad you did.

Now that you are more informed, check out the Camping Store for the various styles of Canopy and Shower tents.

If you have any questions at all about different tent styles or which one would be best for you, email us using the Contact Us page.

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