Outdoor Apparel

is not only covering, but protection!

The kind of Outdoor Apparel needed for camping is very important especially when various terrains or participating in various activities.  One may think that you can wear pretty much what you have in your closet.  This is not always true; you need to be prepared for the conditions that you will be in.  If you are backpacking, canoeing, or kayaking you will especially have to be aware of the environment.

Outdoor Apparel for weather

Knowing the weather predicted for the area you will be in is the first step in determining what you will take.  If the area is known for pop up showers, rain gear need to be readily accessible. The fluctuation of temperatures through out the day will have to be considered.  Shorts and T-shirts may be fine for around the campsite, but....

Think about protection, warmth, durability and breathable type materials.   The technology in the design outdoor clothing has advanced so that there is something for every type of outdoor activity.  Designed to keep you cool, warm, dry and most of all comfortable.  This also includes your footwear, wearing the right shoes will not only protect your feet but keep you safe.

Camping pants

Outdoor Apparel for the elements

If you are backpacking or hiking away from your campsite you will need to consider garments that has cargo storage pockets which are very handy and easily accessible.  Not only is it important to protect your self from the element but also from the bugs and creatures that reside in the area. 

Thinks about it, bugs and snakes live everywhere.  Wearing clothing and boots for protection should be number one.  As mentioned before shirts and pants are now made out of material that give you the protection, without being uncomfortable.  This is the same for footwear, but nothing will replace leather boots.  One of the first things you should do after purchasing your boots is to WEAR them several times prior to your camping trip, breaking them in will prevent blisters and other foot pain on the trail.

Hiking Boots

Wearing clothes that are comfortable, practical and the right protection for the environment, your camping trip will be that much more enjoyable.  With the advances in design, outdoor clothing that was once thick and bulky is now made in material that one might wear even when you are not camping.

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