ONCE' Card game

by Don Williamson
(Conyers, GA)

2 to 6 players
2 decks, including jokers.

There are 7 rounds and each round is over with the first player lay down and gets rid of their remaining cards.

Rounds are played in the following order:
Round 1 - 2 sets
Round 2 - 1 set, 1 run
Round 3 - 2 runs
Round 4 - 3 sets
Round 5 - 2 sets, 1 run
Round 6 - 2 runs, 1 set
Round 7 - 3 runs

Starting the game:
The dealer deals:
11 card to each player for rounds 1 thru 6.
13 cards to each player for round 7.
Placing the remainder of the deck in the middle of the table face down and this becomes the draw pile. Turning the top card face up to begin discard pile.

Play begins with the player to the dealer's left. The first player has the option of taking the card from discard pile or drawing one card from the draw pile. The player must discard a card either the card drawn or one from their hand.

If the player draws from the draw pile, the top card in the discard pile is available for a steal to the player to the player's left right. Stealing occurs while a player is taking his turn and stops when the player either lays down or discards a card. The ONLY card that can be stolen is the LAST card discarded.

Once a player is done either (lay down or discards), the player to his/her left now takes their turn. This continues until a player that has laid down and has played all cards in their hand.

To LAY DOWN, a player must wait his/her turn and must draw a card first. If they have the necessary cards for that round, they place the cards face up in front of them and discard a card from their hand. The player will now need to get rid of the remaining cards in their hand.

Once a player lays down, during their turn they draw a card from either pile. If they have a card or cards that play on any cards that have been laid down (theirs or other players). This is how a player will eventually be able to play every card in their hands. A player that has not laid down yet cannot play any cards on anyone-he/she can only discard.

During a players turn they draw a card, they can play the cards in their hand on the SETS OR RUNS that have been laid down and have ONE card to discard. YOU MUST DISCARD YOUR LAST CARD to go out.


STEALING: If a player draws a card from the draw pile (cards face down) the person to their left can steal from the discard from the discard pile, if that person does not want the card then the next person to the left can steal. If that person doesn’t want the card then the next person can steal and so on until the player who turn it is discards.

SET - 3 or more cards of the same value, regardless of suit but can only use one wild card. Example: 3 7's, 5 Kings, 4 Aces (note only one red Ace allowed-see wild card definition below).

RUN - 4 or more cards in sequence regardless of suit. A run may use multiple wild cards as long as there is a regular playing card separating them. Example: 2,3,4,5,6 of any suit or 3,WC,5,WC,6,7,8. In runs, the ace is used as the lowest card unless it is a red ace which is a wild card.

DEAD CARD - A card on the discard pile that has had another discard card placed on top of it. Once this has happened, the card is dead and is not available for stealing.

WILD CARD - All red aces and jokers are wild cards. A SET can contain only one wild card while a RUN can contain more than one as long as a regular card seperates them.

Special note: A set of wild cards is not allowed.

At the end of every round, there will be one player with no points (Person that goes OUT) and all other players must count up the total of points in their hand and use it as a score.

2 thru 10 are face value,
Jack thru King count as 10 points each,
Black aces are 15 points, and wild cards are 30 points.

The winner of the game at the end of all rounds will have the lowest score

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Runs NEW
by: Anonymous

I thought the runs had follow suit. Interesting to learn that is not the case.

Our Family Game For Years
by: Teressa Sheppard BrightwellAnonymous

Our friends and family have played this game since the eighties, I had a lot of children and when they were in Highschool we might have10 kids playing on the weekend. Their all in their 40s now and oncee' games are still talked about when we get together, great fun...When we had adult games (6 to 10) of us we played for a penny a point such fun. I'm introducing it to some friends this week was so happy to find this sight, thank you. ..I lived in Port Aransas, Texas for forty years Winter Visiters were a part of our lives, I'm a hairdresser so I was acquainted with many of them and if I remember correctly that is how Once' was introduced to us.
Great game thank you. Only one Once'
Have heard it called other names but there were always played a little different.

A camping guide with real info
by: Marco

I have been looking for a ong time to see what he official ame of this game was. I am guessing it is pronounced On-Cee te the french word for 11. This is the first camping uide that ctually had useful nformation nstaed of a bunch f ds.

Excellent game!
by: Ron

My family printed out the rules and played this during our Christmas vacation-Thanks for posting!
San Diego, CA

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