Nottley River Campground, Blairsville, GA

by Eva and Charles Rasmussen
(Opeilka, AL)

My husband and I enjoy returning year after year to our favorite campsite #7 at Nottley River Campground. The peace and quiet are a welcome relief to our hectic day to day existence in Opeilka and the 3 hour drive is well worth the trip.

The campground is far enough outside town (Blairsville is 3 miles up the road) that if I get lazy and want to have someone else do the cooking, it's no big deal to do so. Every now and then, we show up when a large group (Boy Scouts) are camping, but with the group area at the far end of the campground, my husband still can catch a late afternoon nap without putting up with the noise.

There have been a few additions since we started making this our destination, and the log cabins are a just one of those. If anyone is interested in going, the website with the directions is

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