Motorcycle Equipment Checklist

Everything needed just more compact

Motorcycle equipment checklist

You don't have much room on your bike. Having a Motorcycle Equipment Checklist will assure you have everything you need when you hit the open road.   The last thing you want to have to do after a long day on the road is to stop and pick up what you for got.

Having the basics is the first place to start and add on from there.  Think about why you are doing this type of camping, who you are going with and how long you are going be on the road.

Look over the list below, there is at least a couple of items you may not have thought of.   Now how much room do you have?  This will narrow the packing list down, as to what is important and what is not.  Notice that several of the items are the same as what Backpackers would pack.

Obvious items that are not on the list is tools and a repair kit which you should always carry on your Motorcycle.  That is something that you have to determine base on your type of bike.     Review the Motorcycle Camping and Motorcycle Camping Tips for more information.

For your convenience here is a Printable version that you can print out and follow.

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Camping Equipment Checklist
Cooking Equipment
Cooking Equipment (cont'd)
Sleeping Gear
Aluminum Foil (Heavy Duty) Paper Towels/napkins
Alarm clock
bags, ziplock Pot grabber Blankets
Bottle opener/corkscrew pot holders Fleece sleeping bag liner
bottles, Water silverware, plastic Mat / Air Mattress
bowls, mixing skewers Pad/mattress repair kit
Can Opener stove, camp Pillows
Charcoal and Lighter Fluid Tablecloth and clips
Pump for air mattresses
chimney, charcoal thermos Repair kit for air mattress
Coffee Pot Towels, Quick-dry Sleeping Bag
containers, Storage Trash bags; resealable bags
Cook Set (pots & pans) Utensils (spatula, whisk, etc.)
Camp Lighting
cups, plastic Extra batteries/bulbs
Tent Equipment
cutting board
Ground cloth
Dish Soap & Dish Rags / Scouring Pad Multi-tool or knife Maglight
Dish towels Poles/stakes Lantern Pole/Hanger
dutch oven/tin can stove/box oven Seam sealant Lantern with fuel/mantles
Egg holder(s) Shade Tarp (w/ poles/rope/stakes)
Extension sticks/roasting items Stakes
Camping Tools
Fuel (propane, white gas) Tent (with stakes and guylines) Bungi cords/straps
Funnel Tent repair kit
duct tape/electrical tape
Grill rack Utility bags for storage Hatchet
Jug, Water Knife or Multi-Tool
Knives, cutting, paring mallet or hammer
measuring cups & spoons Needle-nose pliers with wire cutter
Mitts, Oven Pliers, wrench
Mugs/cups Rope
Paper Plates, Bowls Small shovel

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