Motorcycle Camping

Ride & sleep in style.

Motorcycle Camping

Motorcycle camping gets you to the campsite quickly and can be accomplished by packing your saddlebags, backpack or adding a trailer.  Then either by yourself or with friends you can be on the open road.  This type of camping has been popular for years.  With this popularity it is not uncommon to find Bunk House style accommodations along the way.  Where you can get a bed and meal for a very cheap price.

Motorcycle camping is not limited to picking a destination and hitting the road.  With Motorcycles built to go both on and off road, there is a growing popularity, to explore Forestry Access Roads.  These are roads that the Forestry uses to get around National Forest.  All gravel, with ruts, dips, curves etc. leading to remote areas in which people are allowed to camp.

Motorcycle Camping Tents

Not ready to invest in a trailer?  Then the best method for deciding on the gear needed is to look at backpack camping gear.  This type will be the most compact tent, sleeping bag, and other equipment that hikers use to maximize their camping trips.  Giving you the option to camp at campgrounds or at remote campsites.

If you are going for an extended time by yourself or as a couple not everything may fit into your saddlebags or on the back of the bike.  A cargo trailer would be the answer, to hold your gear like a small tent, sleeping bag and food and few comforts from home.

Motorcycle Trailers

Owning a motorcycle camping trailer is one of the best investments you can make to step up your ride.  Since it is a trailer and not a sidecar you have control over your ride except now, you can overnight in style.  The type of camping trailers ready to roll behind your ride can be simple to first class.  This style camper sets up in 15 minutes or less, making the others jealous.

Motorcycle Camping Trailer

It is recommended that you have at least 500cc if camping in flat areas and a minimum of 750cc if you are headed for the mountains.  Make sure you hook up any trailer you plan to buy BEFORE you buy.  Start it up and take it around the block for a trial run.  Look for if it is too heavy or if the exhaust reverb gets too bad.  This is the main reason for streamlined trailers because having your own exhaust hitting you on your ride makes the whole trip a nightmare.

Where to?

Motorcycle Camping Campsite

With a motorcycle, you are not tied down to staying at a campsite.  In the North Georgia mountains for instance, there are campsites for motorcycles only especially around Helen, GA.  This area is known as "Tail of the Dragon", a popular ride for any rider of two wheels.

Not sure where you want to go check out  Here you can find a route or destination for the your next camping trip.  Also find motorcycle events as well as clubs you can join.

You know where you want to go, but where are the campgrounds?  Check out for campgrounds along the trail.

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