Motorcycle Camping Trailers

Ride & Sleep In Style!

Motorcycle camping trailers are the next step up when the fun has gone out of "roughing it".  When the ground is too hard, tent is a hassle to set up or you just plain deserve something better.

Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

If you want to take your own gear like a small tent, sleeping bag, and food for the road, you know that the saddlebags just don't cut it.  A step down from the camping trailers is a low-cost motorcycle cargo trailer.  All the gear you need will fit easily and as long as it is loaded properly with heavier items at the bottom, will pull easily.

Motorcycle Camping Trailer

A motorcycle tent trailer can range from low cost to absolutely first class.  This type can get you to a lot of campsites quickly and setup of these style campers can be done in 15 minutes or less.  Impressing your fellow bikers at the same time.

Motorcycle Tent Trailer

Owning one is one of the best investments you can make to step up your ride.  Since it is a trailer and not a sidecar, you still have control over your ride except now, you can overnight in style.

It is recommended that you have at least 500cc to throttle from if you are riding on relatively flat terrain and 750cc or better if your destination is the mountains.

You can go with just a simple camper all the way up to a first class traveling party tent. Once you pick the one that best fits what your needs, check back to pick up any other ideas for the best trip possible.

Remember, make sure you hook up any trailer you are planning to buy BEFORE you buy.  Start up and take it around the block for a trial run.  Look for if it is too heavy or if the exhaust reverb gets too bad.  This is the main reason for streamlined trailers because having your own exhaust hitting you on your trip makes the whole trip a nightmare.

Want to travel in style?  There are a variety of the best motorcycle camping trailer tents that can include their own front porch!   Set up is quick, easy and there is plenty of storage.

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