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Now Camping Carl doesn't have any Motorcycle Camping Tips.  He has never been to keen about Motorcycles.  Oh that  does not mean from time to time he doesn't come up with a good tip that Motorcycle Campers can't use.

The are plenty of tips that campers given us that  may be useful to you.  When we have sat around talking and ask them questions about their trip they will tell you about a few Motorcycle Camping Tips the learned along the way.  It is amazing the similarities of they are to backpacking.

Since the main concerns are weight and space both have to make sure they make use of every square inch while paying close attention to weight.  The other is comfort for Motorcyclist, anything that reduce fatigue, and stiffness through out the trip makes the trip more enjoyable.

Do you see a one we haven't listed?

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1. Tank bags are great not only to block wind but you can use the map pocket to put your route.

2. When riding your bike shield you self from wind, reduce fatigue.

3. If you motorcycle camp, and are traveling long distance take a break when fill up with gas.  Walking around will cut fatigue as well as keep you from getting stiff.

4. Camel backs (water storage) are not good for Backpacking but also while on a motorcycle to keep hydrated.

5. Earplugs while riding will take help take the edge off the constant noise while on the road.

6. Take time to choose the lightest compact camping equipment possible.  Weight and space will be a big concern, with time a research a number of pieces of camping equipment can be purchased including your sleeping bag, cookware, or tools.    

7. Try to choose items that can double for other things.  For example, use a poncho as a ground cloth or an unused cooking pot can double as a dinner plate. 

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