Making Colored Flames

Campfire Colors Your Way

Making Colored Flames

Making colored flames to your campfire adds just the right amount of "magic" to that telling of campfire stories, singing camping songs or adds to the enjoyment of sitting around and relaxing.

Normally a regular campfire will have mostly a yellow flame with some orange colors depending on the age and type of wood you are using.  For example, most firewood will be ash, oak, or even pine.

On the other hand, if you were burning logs from an apple tree that had been drying for about 5 years, it would produce a rainbow campfire.  Rather than waiting for 5 years to enjoy a campfire, you can produce just about any color with chemicals.

Making Colored Campfires

Green Fire

A cheap way of changing campfire colors, go to your local store and buy Boraxo detergent if you can find it.  Borax is sodium carbonate and when wood chips logs, or rolled up paper are soaked in it and allowed to dry, makes for a beautiful green flame.

Here is a quick list of other flame color changing chemicals:


Blue - Copper chloride
Carmine - Lithium chloride
Green - Copper sulfate
Orange - Calcium chloride
Purple - Potassium chloride
Red - Strontium chloride
Yellow - Sodium chloride (table salt)


Just make sure to follow all directions when handling chemicals.

The above information on campfire basics is provided in the hopes of having a safe camping trip.

If you have any questions regarding building a fire pit or want to share your own fire pit building techniques/photos, email us using the Contact Us page. 

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