Horseback Riding

                        - a great family activity 

We have found some campgrounds that offer horseback riding or available nearby.  This activity is more common in certain areas than others are, so a lot depends on where you are camping.  It can be a great activity for the whole family or as a group.

Horseback riding

Where to go Horseback Riding

There are many horse trails along the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains as well as the north Georgia mountains.  These trails lead back in to remote area of the mountains that not accessible by vehicles.

National Parks have Forestry Service Road that allows you to ride on.  This would be great if you owned your own horse and wanted to go deep into the National Park.  There are maps of these service roads that you can get online.

Out west there were there are more horse ranches there will more opportunity to camp near places that will have horse riding available to the public.  Many state parks offer public trails along with many private trails nearby.  This can be just an afternoon activity or turn into the entire camping trip.

If you make it your entire trip, check the area you are interested in, there may be stables that offer guides for the trip.  The guided trip can take you into areas that are not open to the public.  Guided trips are very common in the western states, which allows you to have that cowboy feel to your trip.

Guided horseback riding trails

If you own your own horse, take advantage of the many public trails located in the state parks.  Some outfitters will provide a midway point on a trail to stable and rest the horses if the trail is long enough to take an entire day.  Most people that take their horses, take them for this specific reason.  They know how the horse will react to most situations, which is an advantage, as some of the trails can be very remote.

Consider taking a guided tour, you may know how to ride but it is not the same as riding a horse on back country trails. 

This is a great family or group activity, once you have done it a few times you may want to do some horseback camping.  This type of camping is like backpacking only the horse does all the walking.

Check out our horseback camping page for more information.

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