Horseback Camping
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Horseback Camping

The Horseback camping trip can be done entirely on horseback as well or the main activity.  The lengths can be 2 to 5 or more days and can be a lot of fun for the entire family or a group.  As in any camping adventure, the campsite can be primitive or a little more civilized such as a bunkhouse.  Guided or on your own depending on your expertise.

Horseback camping packages

Many packages will indicate if there is lodging and showers along the route or in some cases, will have a complete B&B accommodations.  While this may not be roughing it in the true sense of the word, it can make for an enjoyable experience, especially if it is your first time.

A guide will lead your group on the trail pointing out points of interest but teach you various techniques on the trail.  Around the campfire, you can gain a lot of information, which would allow you to venture out on your own safely.

Horseback camping on your own

The primitive sites provide just enough to stable the horses and feed, but the rest of the supplies such as the tent and food is the rider's responsibility.  The outfitter provides the firewood and that is about all.  Many of these style horse camping packages can be found if the camping area is quite extensive with a lot of acreage.

Maybe one of the lesser know is the Forestry Access Roads in National Parks.  These are the gravel roads that the Foresters use.  If you go online, you can find a map that contains these roads.  You will also be able to find out which ones will allow horses.  The camping is primitive, so be prepared to take what you need.

Horseback Camping Campsite

Along with the supplies you bring from your camping gear and food list, you should also consider a few more changes of clothes than if you were hiking.  For the obvious reasons, you are depending on the horse to get you to where you are going, and they don't use anti-persperant!

You will want to be prepared for any situation, including someone in your party getting hurt.  Someone in your group should be able to render first aid, make sure your kit is well stocked.

We recommend either Spring or early Fall unless your trip is high in the mountains.  The temperatures of the Summer months can be a miserable time for both you and the horse.  If Summer is the only time to get away, plan or hopefully the outfitter has planned the trail in or near a stream.  Horses will consume a lot of water during this time and you can't carry what they need with you.

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