The Perfect Camping Gift for Women!

Camping gifts for women is just the right answer when you are stuck on what to buy your girlfriend, wife, or even mom.  For example, camping apparel is both durable as well as stylish.  Many women will wear this type of clothing while at home as well.

There are all kinds of possibilities when looking for your wife, mom, or girlfriend gift ideas.  If she has ever expressed a love for the great outdoors, continue, as your shopping just got a lot easier!

The Basics

To start the adventure, she will need the following:

  • Tent big enough for just her, the both of you, or the entire family
  •  The all important sleeping bag and air mattress just for her or the two of you
  • A portable camping stove-try the 2 burner model for around $30
  • Outdoor apparel that is both stylish and practical-Get the kids to help with this one

The Camping Tent

Gifts for women

While a small domed tent may seem to be just the right size, this is ok if you are looking for girlfriend camping gift ideas.  Your wife will want room to sleep, dress, and store.  A tent regardless of how many it sleeps needs to be tall enough to stand up in or the outing is destined for failure.  As long as you keep that in mind, you'll have the confidence knowing you made the right choice.  Looking for gift ideas for Mom or the wife are all about comfort!

Sleeping Bag and Air Mattress

Camping Bed

Unless you are camping in the Klondike, this can be relatively easy to choose.  Determine the lowest temperature she will be camping in and select from there.  Most Sleeping Bags be designed for warmth, therefore the packaging will indicate what lowest temperature it will keep a person warm in.  Combining two on top of an air mattress can make her feel she is sleeping in her own bed.  Just make sure that the sleeping bag and air mattress are the same size.  Camping with your girlfriend or wife just got a little cozier!

Camping Stove

The camping stove brings the convenience of gas cooking to your campsite and for very little money!  She will feel like she is cooking at home.  The convenience of a camping stove is just camping gift for women, which may just get her to go with you.

Miscellaneous gifts for women

There are other items you probably have around the house already to round out the total package.  When you have finished with getting the basics, check out our Camping Checklist page to ensure the first trip into the great outdoors will be a memorable one!

Many of the Camping Gifts for Women may not be something your wife or girlfriend may expect but if you choose those that will make her camping trip more comfortable or easier, she just may want to go more often.

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