Camping Gifts for Family  

Family Camping Gifts

Camping gifts for Family are just the right answer when you are stuck on what to buy.  For example, a tent and sleeping bags can last for years and the best part is that it is really something the entire family can enjoy.

Whether you are trying to come up with family gift ideas or family reunion gifts, camping has activities that allow every member to find something that interests them.  Looking for an answer to family Christmas gifts?   Continue reading and you'll find your answer.

The Basics

To start the adventure, you will need the following:

  • Tent big enough for the family or a couple of smaller tents

  • The all important sleeping bags and air mattresses

  • A portable camping stove-try the 2 burner model for around $30

  • The all important camping cooler to keep food cool and camping lantern for night time

The Family Camping Tent

Family Camping Tent

Make sure that the tent is large enough for the family and just a little more.  Ideally, a tent should have additional room besides the sleeping areas for family members to move around comfortably.  For example, if there are 4 members in the family, buy a 6 or 8 person tent and the difference in cost is not that much different.

Sleeping Bag and Air Mattress

Unless you are camping in the Klondike, this can be relatively easy to choose.  Other family gift ideas along this line could include either a set of camping beds or hammocks.

If you go with the traditional sleeping bag, just make sure that the sleeping bag and air mattress are the same size.

Camping Stove

Camp Stove

The camping stove brings the convenience of gas cooking to your campsite and for very little money.  Almost any meal can be cooked up using a two burner stove that costs around $30. This doesn't mean not cooking on a campfire, but that takes a little skill and some fire resistant cookware that needs to be purchased.

Miscellaneous gifts for family

Camping Equipment

There are other items you probably have around the house already to round out the total package.  When you have finished with getting the basics, check out our Camping Equipment page to ensure the first trip into the great outdoors will be a memorable one!   Whether you were looking for family Christmas gifts or even family reunion gifts, camping is the perfect answer for anyone.

Camping gifts for family can start a new tradition or continue one for years to come.  You can add more camping gear to make roughing it as easy as it can be. If you still have questions, please email us using the Contact Us page.

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