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Foil Recipes

Foil Packet Recipes are just what it says: Any combination of food items prepared and cooked in heavy-duty foil.  These types of recipes are similar/same as those you would do on the grill at home.  The difference is that this is a form of campfire cooking and can taste great at your campsite.  Of course if you prefer you can cook them on the camp grill as you would at home.  Cooking on the campfire does require you to place on the outside edge and turn one to four times for even cooking.

Preparing Foil Packet Recipes

Foil Recipes for camping

With reflected heat being used, the pack is shaped with the shiny side to the inside, and pack will need to be turned regularly during cooking.  It is advisable since it will be placed on or near the fire or charcoals that it is double layered.  Because the source of heat, place them on the outer edge of the heat, and will need to keep a close watch is needed while cooking.  In addition, the foil pack can be place above the heat on a rack.  Either way the cooking time is shorter than when using controlled temperature.  If you do check the progress by opening the package, you MUST seal the package completely or you will lose all the moisture.

Some foil packet recipes you may want to divide into individual servings.  Depending on the recipe, it will reduce cooking time, as well make it easier to turn.  If the ingredients store well or can be frozen, making the foil packs at home and freezing them will save a lot of time at the site.  Since it is already frozen you can be place your meal directly on the ice in your cooler.  Doing this it will take a day or so to thaw, but will fine since you have it on ice.

Steam Vegetables

Example of this is:  I make the Chicken w/Rice a week before camping.  I will mold a double layer of heavy foil inside a rectangular storage container that is large enough for a single serving.  Place the ingredients in the molded foil.  Take another piece of foil large enough to fold in half and place on top of container.  Then fold the top and bottom pieces together three times forming a tight seal on all 4 sides.  Then place in freezer, while still in container.  Once frozen I remove the container, and place the foil packet back in freezer until I pack the cooler.

Shaping the Foil Packet

Sealed foil recipes packet

The shape of the packet will be determined by the recipe.  For example if you are preparing fajitas then the packet would look similar to an envelope.  If fixing something like stew, chili or any meal with broth or gravy, a bowl shape would be called for. 

To make it easier you want to shape the foil around the bowl, and then use another piece of foil for a lid.  No matter the shape, to prevent leaking and easy handling, allow enough foil to turn the edges three times giving approximately one inch edges.  On hamburger recipes, you may want to grill the meat first before placing in pack with onions and other ingredients.

Foil Recipe packets

If you prefer you may want to use a foil bag like the ones used in an oven.  This would only require sealing one end.  A Foil Bag would be ideal for recipes that have liquid or soup as ingredient.  When ready to serve you would simply split the bag down the center with a knife.

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