Family Equipment Checklist              

- start with the basics

The Family Equipment Checklist is very important for this type of camping. With the number of people involved, it is very easy to over look items that you will need.  Many of the items here should be standard with any camping gear list regardless of the location.

Items to include on the checklist

Your list may include some or all of the items listed here.  Use the one below as a starting point, not as an absolute.  Each family will have different needs, number of children or your budget may not allow the purchase of the items.


Take the time to think what you need, put the items into three categories, need, want and nice to have.  The length of your camping trip will also be a factor of what items you will take.

As you review the list you see that there are some obvious items, but be careful not to take more than you will use or have room for.  Read the Camping Equipment page for some guidance on what equipment will meet your needs.  Also look over the Camping Tips page for ideas of how to dual purpose some equipment.

Once you have your list, pre-stage everything on your list.  Will it all fit or you will have to make some adjustment to your list.  The list is not etched in stone, be flexable, really think through the items you take.

For your convenience here is a Printable Version that you can print out and follow.

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Camping Equipment Checklist
Cooking Equipment
Cooking Equipment (cont'd)
Camping Tools
Aluminum Foil (Heavy Duty) Pot holders axe, Long handled
Ziplock bags
Plastic silverware
Bungi cords/straps
Bottle opener/corkscrew Skewers Compass
Bottled Water Folding cooler and stove stands
duct tape/electrical tape
Bowls, mixing Tablecloth and clips dust pan/whisk broom
Camp Stove Thermos Glue/super glue
Can Opener Toothpicks Road flares
Food-storage canister Towels, Quick-dry Hatchet
Folding Chairs Trash bags; resealable bags Knife or Multi-Tool
Charcoal and Lighter Fluid Utensils (whisk, spoons, spatula) Knife sharpener
Charcoal chimney Rake
Coffee Pot Machete
Collapsible water container(s) mallet or hammer
Storage containers
Tent Equipment
Pliers, wrench
Cook Set (pots & pans) Door mat Rope
cooler Extra Stakes saw
Plastic cups Ground Sheet Small shovel
Cutlery Interior rug Trowel
Cutting board Rain Fly/Tent Topper Whistle
Dish pan or collapsible sink Seam sealant Work gloves
Dish rack Stakes
Dish Soap, Dish Rags / Scouring Pad Sun shade, tarp or screen house
Dish towels Tent (w/ stakes and guylines)
Camp Lighting
Dutch oven / tin can stove Tent footprint Extra batteries/bulbs
Egg holder(s) Tent repair kit Flashlight
Extension sticks/roasting items Tent-pole repair sleeve Headlamps
Folding Table & Chairs Utility bags for storage Lantern
frozen insulator Whisk Broom Lantern Pole/Hanger
Fuel (propane, white gas) Maglight
Funnel Solar panel
Sleeping Gear
Solar powered battery charger
Grill rack Alarm clock Spare lantern fuel and mantles
Hot-cold vacuum bottle Blankets
Water Jug Cot
Measuring cups & spoons Fleece sleeping bag liner
Mitts, Oven Mat / Air Mattress
Mugs/cups Pad/mattress repair kit
Paper Plates, Bowls, Cups Pillows
Paper Towels & Nampkins
Pump for air mattresses
Pie irons
Repair kit for air mattress
Pot grabber Sleeping Bag

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