Family Camping Tents

Family camping tents are truly the definition of an affordable family vacation.  Many tents are classified as an 8 or 6 man tent, or state that it will sleep 6 or 8 people comfortably.  This means sleeping side by side, which can give you a cramped feeling. 

Consider a tent that is two or four people larger than your family.  This means if you are a family of 4, purchase a 6 to 8 man.  This will give you room to move and store your items.   Many of the larger ones are designed with separate sleeping areas and a common area at the entrance.

What size Family Camping Tent

We have found that these style tents are excellent for a family of 4 to 6.  This will allow you to have room inside for sleeping, playing board games, or waiting inside until the rain stops.  Great for a couple who camp for several days at a time.  

Also, consider an additional smaller tent for the older children or to use as storage.  On the other hand, you may want to consider a canopy, more commonly known as a Pop-Up for extra space or shade if your site is mostly sunny.

A good tent will last for many years with proper care.  When you add in the average price of a campsite, this means your family can stay for about $25-$35 a night, compared to the cost of a hotel.

Maintaining your Family Camping Tent

Family Camping Tents

Care and maintenance is relatively easy.  At the end of your camping season, make sure that the tent is cleaned, completely dry.  The look over it over and make any necessary repairs and pack correctly. Before the start of the season, the tent should be brought out from storage and set up.  Using either Scotch Guard or some other type of waterproof spray, spray all seams of the tent thoroughly on the outside.  The rain fly should be sprayed entirely on both sides and allowed to dry completely before packing the tent back into its storage bag.

Camping tents have for the most part been our preferred way to go camping and we have had a lot of experience with different sizes over the years.  Now that you have a better understand, check out our Camping Store to find the right one for you.

If you have any questions at all about different tent styles or which one would be best for you, email us using the Contact Us page.

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