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Dutch Oven Recipes

Dutch Oven Recipes are one of the more popular recipes used while camping for any period of time.  Starting in the late 17th century, Dutch Ovens can be used to roast meats, cook stews, bake breads and pies and even be used for frying.  There are other cast iron cookware, such as frying pans, griddles and other cooking utensils, which are ideal for camping.

Cast iron Dutch Ovens and other similar cookware are perfect for camping.  They are more durable than other kitchen cookware and will last for years.  The Dutch Oven and other cast iron cookware come in various sizes.  For example if the is four in your group a 10" would be perfect size.  Accommodating most any recipe, you may prepare.  As you get comfortable with it, you may want 8" also.

With the even temperature cooking, even mouthwatering ribs are a possibility.  Many of the dishes you cook in the oven or on the stove can be prepared in a Dutch Oven.  Some of these include roast, stew, chili, roasted chicken.  Homemade or out of a can, slow or cooked quickly, your food will seem to taste even better

Ah!, don't forget breads and desserts.  Just because you are camping does not mean you have to go without!

Using a Dutch Oven

Stacked Dutch Ovens

Most everyone has a grandmother that had a cast iron pot or frying pan they used to prepare delicious meals.  The same can be said about meals you can prepare at your campsite.  With a little practice, you can become the envy of the campground.

Temperatures for Dutch Oven Recipes

A Dutch Oven is exactly that, an oven that you can control the temperature close to the way you control your oven or stove at home.  You control the temperature by the number of coals you place on the top and bottom. 

The chart below gives you the number of coals to put on top of cover / under the oven to attain, the various temperatures listed.  Place the coals when they have begun to ash.

Dutch Oven Temperature Chart

The proper number of coals allows you to cook/bake most anything you do at home.  Stacking the ovens allows you to cook the main meal, bread, and desert all at the same time.  The number of coals will be reduce because the top coals from the oven below will be the bottom coals for each oven above the bottom one.

Dutch Oven Cooking

Cooking directly over the fire also can be done, as if cooking on a stove.  For over direct heat it would be advisable to use a tripod or rack with the Dutch Oven.  Since you cannot control the temperature of the campfire, you need to control the space between the pot/pan and the fire.

Cleaning is very easy, all you need is a stiff brush and clear hot water.  You never want to use soap.  To assure it is clean you may want to fill it with water and place it back on the fire to loosen any stuck on food.  Refer the cleaning instructions that come with the oven.

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