Corporate Gift Idea?

It is that time again for you to come up with that great corporate gift idea and of course, make sure it is under budget.  Think of all the people in your company who love the outdoors.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Camping and outdoor type gifts are both practical and durable. A multipurpose tool is one of the more common gift ideas for employees while solar powered coffee makers are a suitable gift idea for any employee.

We also cover retirement gift ideas for men and women as well. Many items in this category are usually a little more expensive since most of a retiree's fellow employees can chip in.

The purchase of camping gear is relatively inexpensive and will last many years with proper care. Camping gear is a smart choice as the equipment and skills learned could both last a lifetime.

A complete camping gear package consists of just a few items like a tent, sleeping bag, and camp stove. You can purchase all of these items can be for under $100, most other are under $25

Here are a few tips on the basics needed for camping.


4 man Tent

Just make sure the tent is large enough for the number of people camping plus one or two more. The only time you would not follow this rule is if the gift is for some that likes backpacking and hiking.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags

The only thing to watch for here is that the air mattress is the same size as the sleeping bag itself.  A camping hammock is also a possible answer here.  Either can use either camping or at home.

Camp Stove

A camp stove can be either a small one-burner model or a two-burner one.  Either of these you can purchase for $50 and under.  Again, great choice even if the employee is not a camper, great when there is not electricity.

Camping stove

Besides the camping basics, there are many components to the camping experience. Check out the Camping Checklist page to ensure the first trip into the great outdoors will be a memorable one!

Corporate gift ideas can be easy to come up with since the great outdoors has a lot to offer.  If your company normally gives out gift cards at Christmas, Birthdays, or Retirements, why not a gift card to camping stores.

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