Cooking Equipment Tips

Cooking Equipment Tips can be very useful when it comes to saving space, and caring for your equipment.  Some are common sense, while others will have you saying 'That makes sense'

As with any tip,,, Cooking Equipment Tips will help you while you are at your campsite as well as in a pinch.  Some may cringe at some of these, but remember if every thing is clean, your food will be safe to eat.  Camping Carl says that if you want everything to be 'purtty', then you need not be camping.  "Why pack all that, ya jus ta have ta haul it back".

He is right, think about how each item can be used in a different way.  Coffee pot can be used to make coffee, heat water, and soup if necessary.  A pot can be used the same exact way.

We have just lisedt a few Cooking Equipment Tips but we are sure you have a few of your own.  Take a look at the Camp Kitchen Equipment page for more info.

 1. Cooking supplies that fit within each other, work great for freeing up additional space. Using pots as mixing bowls is a way of repurposing.

2. Use fireproof cooking equipment.

3. Use dirt to clean all your dishes except Teflon. It absorbs oils and foods, then bury the dirt.  Then rinse your pot or pan.

4. For ease of clean up and to protect from smoke and fire damage, put liquid soap on outside of your pots and pans before putting over the fire.

5. Fill gallon milk jugs or 2 liter soda bottles with water or juice and freeze. They keep the cooler cold and provide a cold beverage.

6. An empty plastic soda bottle, cut off to a convenient height, will work as a camp bowl.  You may want to sandpaper the cut to smooth the edge.

7. If camping in a group, besides the tent(s) or sleeping bags, determine who will bring what camping equipment.

8. Use a hand truck or luggage carrier to cart your supplies to your campsite, if your site is a good distance from your vehicle.

9.  To fix a cooler leak, apply melted paraffin wax inside and outside the leaky area.

10. Channel lock pliers make good potholders.

11. Know what snakes  and plants are in the area you will be going and how to identify them.

12. To keep bar soap clean, put it in a sock and hang from a tree.

13.  If you have a lot of ants in your camping area, use diotomacious earth sprinkled around the site.  It is all natural and will wash away with the rain.

Is there a tip we didn't list?

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