Outdoor Activities To Do During A Camping Trip

For your trips to campers, vans, or vans, we have listed some ideas for outdoor activities to do during a road trip! Activities with family, friends, couples, or even alone. You won’t have time to get bored!


To keep busy on a road trip, balance games can be a good solution. The slackline is one of them! This strap hangs between 2 trees, and the goal is to transform into a tightrope walker. Work on your balance and try to cross the slackline from point A to point B, or even go back and forth. To add difficulty, you can also play on the length of the slackline, its height, and width. Good luck with the tightrope walkers!


In the outdoor games to do while traveling, there are also the famous snowshoes. You can play it everywhere, and you just need to have a partner. A simple and space-saving game. Great classic on the beaches!


Let’s stay in racket games with badminton. A rather nice game to practice with friends or family. In addition, here again, we can do it everywhere! 2 rackets, a shuttlecock, and the match start.

Ping pong

Another outdoor activity to do while traveling: ping-pong. A fun activity, it is not uncommon to find tables in campsites but also in certain areas or in tourist areas (lakes, playgrounds, etc.). Remember to take your rackets and balls because the equipment is rarely provided.

Ball games

Of course, taking a ball with you can be a good idea. Whether round or oval, it can delight your children or your friends. Football, basketball, rugby or volleyball, choose your favorite sport!

The diabolo

A “toy” to take everywhere: the diabolo. The principle is simple, and you have to rotate the diabolo using two sticks and make figures with it. The advantage is that you can play it alone. You will find many tutorial videos to learn some tips and become a real expert in this practice, not as simple as you think!


The frisbee is this disc that people throw on the beaches. In the beginning, it is not easy to control your throw and have an optimal trajectory. For that, it is then necessary to apprehend and understand the wind, and at the beginning, it is not obvious!


Notice to wind lovers, take a nice kite with you during your trip! It can be a good outdoor activity. Be careful not to take it out when there is too much wind or when there are too many people around. It is important to isolate yourself and have room not to injure anyone and be able to maneuver.

You now have something to occupy yourself during your road trips with all these outdoor activities! And you, what are your occupations during a road trip?…