5 Items Your Kids Will Love in Camping

Going camping with children is one of the best activities that we can share with the family. Not only because nature is a constant source of inspiration for children and makes them feel free, but because it is the ideal environment to enjoy activities that are difficult to do in the city.


These have become one of our absolute go-to products for every trip we take – camping or even city exploring they come in handy. We did make the mistake of buying cheap ones early on, though, and they all needed replacing within months! We recommend something more sturdy and robust that will last as soon as they are responsible enough.

Again, another classic outdoor gift for kids that they will get loads of use from, they really range from novelty to quite a high tech. You are looking for durability as well as non-scratch glass as a key feature.


So you’ve seen things in the distance, now how about getting up close in the water. A seascape is a perfect way for kids to further explore marine life. Water-resistant with a built-in flashlight and rules – these can be used on land or water.

Paracord Bracelets

For your more advanced outdoor adventures, these bracelets are like a mini personal survival kit. They include a compass, a whistle, and a flint fire starter. More advanced models also include an LED light.

With a flexible paracord-style strap, they’re available in 2 packs with a wide range of colors – possibly one of the most useful stocking stuffers they might get!

Marshmallow sticks

Speaking of sitting around the fire, unmissable outdoor activity, and I think what most kids look forward to the most is roasting marshmallows over the fire. Sure you can use sticks, but where we live sticks are few and far between so we find these an ideal solution:

Glow sticks aren’t only a lot of fun, but ultra, ultra-practical! We like the type that can be tied around their neck, they don’t cast as much light as the head torch, but they make spotting where kids have gone in the dark much easier.

Portable TVs

A battery operated TV is not only television of a smaller size, not at all because the characteristic that differentiates them from other TVs is undoubtedly that they integrate a small battery, like the one that can integrate a mobile, thanks to which it is They can be used without having to be looking for a plug. Even if we have an external battery on hand, we may still be able to charge it while using it.

Kids Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags are one of those essential items, but let’s make it fun! Do think about the weather conditions, though, and how long a sleeping bag will last a child. Toddler-sized sleeping bags are cute but have a fairly finite life, so look for a slightly larger size, but as light as possible without losing out on the heat. There comes the point where kids want their independence from mum and dad and their very own tent. You want them to also display the independence of actually constructing the tent too, so look for easy build models that don’t need a million poles and pegs.…

Cool Recipes For Camping Cooking

We bring you some great recipes to beat the heat and enjoy them, whether you are on vacation or not. In addition, they are such simple recipes that you can also cook them in your motorhome or in your camper van.


You could not miss this traditional recipe, so refreshing and nutritious at the same time. Depending on the region where we are, we will see variations of the recipe. Here we show you how to make a delicious gazpacho simply and quickly.

How do I do it?

Cut everything, the tomatoes, the pepper, the onion piece… into small pieces and put them in the mixer. Add the oil, vinegar, and salt and beat until smooth. Try it and add if you need a little salt or oil. Put it in the fridge and let it cool; when you take it out, it will be ready and ready to serve!

Suggestion: you can serve it with small pieces of cucumber on top, or add cumin so that it has a different taste. As we have already said, the gazpacho accepts multiple variations, dares to innovate in the kitchen!

Cold cream of melon and cucumber

If you like easy, fast and fresh recipes, you will love this melon and cucumber cream. It is very simple to prepare, and you can present it as a starter or appetizer.

How do I do it?

The melon and cucumbers are cut into small pieces (do not forget to peel them first) and put in the mixer together with the yogurt, the garlic clove, and the mint leaves. Then add the oil (two tablespoons), the salt, and the pepper.

You beat until you reach a smooth texture, and that’s it. You can try it and add salt or pepper to taste if appropriate.

Greek salad

In summer, it seems that the body asks us for salads. Although there is a lot of variety, it is true that most of the time we decided on the typical Mediterranean salad, with its lettuce, tomato, tuna … Add variety to your recipes with this Greek salad, and you will love it!

How do I do it?

Cut the tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell pepper into small pieces and add them to the salad bowl. Next, add the half red onion cut into thin slices. Make small squares with the feta cheese (in the supermarket you can find it already cut this way) and add it together with the olives. Finally, dress it to your liking with the oil, salt, and oregano, and eat!

Mushroom omelet

The omelet is a dish that offers a multitude of options to innovate in the kitchen. This one with mushrooms is delicious, and it won’t take you long to make it.

How do I do it?

First, wash and cut the mushrooms while you start to heat up a little oil in the pan. Skip them when the oil is hot and, meanwhile, beat the eggs. When the mushrooms are golden, chop the garlic clove and add it to the pan together with the parsley.

Incorporate the frying pan mixture together with the beaten eggs, the mental cheese and the grated cheese, and stir the mixture while adding the salt. Next, we pour the mixture into the pan and wait for it to set. In less than five minutes, you can take it out and enjoy a delicious omelet.

Things To Do To Not Get Bored On A Camping Site

Your well-deserved vacation has finally arrived! This year you have decided to go camping, nothing better than being surrounded by nature to disconnect and charge batteries. But just resting at the end becomes boring. You need activity, get out of the routine, do something different.

Don’t you know the environment? Do you need ideas? If you are bored, and you don’t know if there is something interesting to do relatively close to the campsite, read on. Prepare the backpack because you already have plans for today.

Together, light a fire

In camping you cannot miss the typical campfire, for this your you and friends can take turns to create it and make a fire (as long as fires are allowed, you must be clear about this when organizing the camping)this will be useful for lighting the place when it gets dark, they will be able to cook in it in case they choose to bring meats or decide to make hot dogs and try marshmallows on the fire.

Sing on the camping trip

On a camping trip with friends, it is common to carry out nightly activities sitting in front of the campfire, such as Singing, if one of your friends play an instrument because this is the time for him to demonstrate his talent to all his friends. This will give much more the atmosphere for your camping.

Tell stories and anecdotes at night

These activities are very entertaining, making anecdotes from when they were in high school or starting to tell those famous horror stories that happen between the forests and bushes.

During the day, visit rivers and waterfalls

For daytime activities, they can coordinate to go to a nearby waterfall (if there are any, of course), or they can go to a lake or river and spend a relaxed day listening to the water running, making jokes, comics and of course, accompanied by a few bottles of beer.

Go for a walk or excursion near the camping site

Other options for daytime activities on a camping trip with friends are hiking (without losing sight of the way to take back your belongings) throughout the forest, mountain, desert, or wherever they are. There will be no better way to get to know if it is not going yourself to see what nature brings you.

On what date or season is it best to camp?

This here is a matter of taste, and we can camp every season of the year if we want to. We can go camping in winter, spring, summer, and autumnIf you and your friends are not afraid of climate change and are prepared for anything, this will not be an obstacle.

We can say that the best seasons are summer and spring, although camping in the fall is beautiful, seeing how the landscapes change color due to the trees that complement them.

In summer it is a fabulous season since the weather favors and allows us to go where we want, get into the river or lake, visit the beach or climb the highest mountain that we propose. To finish, in spring, the landscapes are even more beautiful, the aroma and flora are incredible, the climate is suitable for any activity and most importantly… we can find food and drinks at a lower price.

Tips For Camping In Winter And Not Freezing While Trying

In winter, for some adventurers, going to the mountains means renting a cabin with a fireplace, heating, and everything you need to spend a few cozy days as far away from the cold as possible. For others, even more adventurous, it’s about packing what is necessary for the backpack to sleep outdoors and under the stars, but in a tent.

Find the best area to set up your store.

When looking for your camping spot, it is essential that you study the place a little. It is not only important to find the least inclined site. Observing which part of the area is the sunniest throughout the day and where there is less humidity will make the difference on your nights. In the morning, leave the tent open for ventilation and moisture-wicking to dry, but before the afternoon falls, close the tent so that the last rays of the sun warm it.

Use the correct sleeping bag.

A synthetic sleeping bag will never be hotter than one made of goose feathers. It is important that the outer material is breathable. In the morning, turn it over and dry it over the tent. At night, before sleeping, cover yourself with it while you dine, so that it warms up, but be careful to bring it too close to the campfire -if you are in an area that allows it-, they are generally made of highly flammable material.

The sleeping bass is essential.

The better the quality of your bass sleeping, not only will you rest better, but it will also isolate you from the cold of the ground.


When it is very cold, we don’t feel thirsty, but staying hydrated is as important in summer as in winter. In this season, you can drink tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. The advantage of the latter is that it will provide you with extra calories for your favorite outdoor activity.

Prepare adequate food

As we were saying, teas, coffees, hot chocolate, but also soups, broths, are extraordinary foods to raise body temperature. Of course, do not wait too long to return to the tent to sleep because after eating the blood, it goes to the stomach to carry out the digestion process, and during that time, we naturally feel colder.

Extra tip: the water bag

Do you know the hot water bottles? They are not only ideal for pain relief, but they are also an excellent camping item. You fill them with hot water 20min before going to sleep and put them in your sleeping, and you will feel at home! If you cannot get them, another option is a bottle of water or thermos -best if it is made of aluminum-, with which you can follow the same procedure.

So now you know, take advantage of these tips. The better your rest and the less cold you spend, the more energy you will have on the mountain.