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Car camping supply checklist

A Car Supply Checklist is a list of supplies that you may want to take on your camping trip.  These are items that you may or may not take every time or are items that you will need to replenish each trip.  Use the list below as a starting point, after you review the list you may want to add or remove some of the items.

Make the list your own, keeping in mind that amounts will change depending on how long you are gone.  Other factor will be the time of year or location of the campground.

For your convenience here is a   Printable version  that you can print out and follow.

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Camping Supplies
Entertainment / Activities
Bikes/Scooters/Helmets Battery charger Bucket
Binoculars Bug net, Citronella candles Butane lighter (refillable)
Bird, Insect, Flower Guidebook Bug spray Campfire permit
Books/Magazines Camping shower/shower pump Fire extinguisher
Boomerang Candles Kindling/newspaper/fire starters
Camcorder Clothesline / clothespins Matches, Waterproof
Camera/Battery/Film/Video First Aid Kit Shovel
Canoe or boat GPS/personal navigator BIC lighter
Cards/Games/Toys Hammock
CD player Propane heater
Fishing gear/license/bait Insect Repellent
Frisbees Road flares
Life jackets Stuff Sacks / Utility Bags
Musical instruments/song books Toilet paper w/ plastic container
Paperbacks/DVD's Toilet, portable w/ grocery bag liner
Pencil and paper Towels/Washcloth
Radio / music player Two way radio
Sports gear (baseball, football) Umbrella
Star chart/night-sky identifier Water filters/purification/treatment
Weather Radio

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