Car Camping Checklist 

An important part of planning

A Car Camping Checklist is to make sure that you have everything needed for the trip.  After arriving at the campsite would not be a good time to find out that you left something behind, such as your sleeping bag.  Therefore, even if you think you will remember, get out a piece of paper and a pencil and start planning.

Whether you are Car or Truck camping needs will be similar the difference will be the vehicle.  The Car Camping checklist will consist of subcategories such as equipment, supplies, food, and clothing.

When making any packing list, start with the very basics, and expand from there.  Think about the space you have, this will not only help decide what you really need, but also decide what you need to buy.  Some of the items purchased will have to be more compact.  Pre-staging the items on your list will help in determining what items to remove or add to your list.

This will be time consuming on the first trip, but eventually you will develop one that is used for every trip.

Pages that maybe included are:

    Camping Equipment Checklist
    Camping Supply List
    Camping Food List
    Camping Packing List

Below are two links that will give you an idea of some of the items on each of these checklists.

Camping Equipment Checklist - includes items that you will take on each trip

Camping Supply Checklist - includes items that are replaced each trip


This will be a list that you determine what is included.  There will be some basic food items that you will take on every trip and other just for the trip you are about to take.  Our Camp Cooking page goes into more detail when developing your Camping Food List, which includes coming up with a Camping Menu and Recipes.  Making your list will assure that you have all of the food with you and can be part of your packing list.

Camping Food

Other checklists that may be useful are Clothing List, Packing List, and Activity List.  These are checklist that will be ever changing depending on where you are going, how long you will be gone, and what time of year.  To easily create these lists, if you are computer suave is to create a spreadsheet for each of them and edit them. These can all be sub-checklist to the Car Camping Checklist.

You may be going on vacation, but the chances are you are going to be in the middle of nature, so be prepared.

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