Canvas Camping Tent

- durable, made for extend camping

Canavas Tent

A Canvas camping tent is a rugged heavy duty tent and worth the investment.  They are popular with campers, miners, military, and field scientist who spend extended periods of time outdoors.  Designed to stand up to harsh conditions, such as wind, rain, and snow, these are excellent for winter camping, and perfect for survival base camps.

Besides its durability, the cotton material breathes which is excellent in warmer climate and waterproof during down pours.  Made with water repellent material and fire retardant treated for safety are another two reasons for the popularity.  With the proper maintenance, can last many years with exposure to the environment.

Canvas Camping Tent or Cabin Tent Sizes

Also known as Cabin Tents, there is a long history of this type of tent dating back to pioneer time.  Today there are more modern designs, available in various sizes, and colors, as their polyester and nylon counter parts.  Obvious difference would be cost, weight, and durability.  These tents range in size two men up (range tents) to large groups or event tents that can hold 30 or more. 

Cabin Tent layouts range from one large area or divided to accommodate sleeping and common areas.  Tall enough to allow a wood floor to be laid which raises the entire living area off the ground.  Larger tents have a stovepipe slot, allowing for a wood burning stove for cooking and heat.  They can be special ordered for you depending on your needs.

If you are going to be camping two weeks or more, these tents are definitely worth the time, it takes to set up.  There are some campgrounds that have these set up, complete with bedroom furniture and sitting area.

Two man Canvas Tent

Some canvas tents come with or you can purchase separate with rain fly and awnings.  With a little research, you will find the Canvas camping Tent that fits your needs and well worth the money.  Camping tents have for the most part been our preferred way to go camping and we have had a lot of experience with them over the years.

Wall tent repairs

Repairs, if needed are much easier to do to a canvas tent than to one made of polyester.  Because of the canvas material, repairs can be done to last, unlike nylon which will eventually you will need to repair again.  Repair kits are available for the easier repairs, repairs to zippers and window may need to done by a professional.

Some manufactures of these tents are Kodiak Canvas and Montana Canvas.

If you have any questions at all about different tent styles or which one would be best for you, email us using the Contact Us page.

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