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Canoeing can be an activity or another type of camping.  Although many people load up their crafts with their gear and go camping.  Others will bring it along specifically to use as one of the activities on their trip.  If you are near a lake or river it would be a great way to spend a few hours or a day.  No matter which type you choose, make sure you have a good understanding of how to handle it.  This will include taking some lessons, learning how to maneuver, and what to do when there is trouble.

Planning a Canoeing Trip

When planning your time on the water make sure some one knows where you are going.  Have a way to get back, someone to pick you up at the end point or be sure you can get back to your starting point.  Make sure you have the proper safety gear with you, so if you do run into problems you can get out of them.  This includes a First Aid Kit and First Aid Training.

Many locations that are near a lake or river have rentals or offer trips with a guide, which for the novice would be ideal. They will review water safety and insist on life jackets.  They will instruct you on the proper handling of the canoe and how to avoid hazards.  Either way, you will be able to try it without actually have to buy one.

While you may take one to spend time on the water, while you are on your trip, how about plan an overnight trip while you are out on the water.   It will allow you to experience another type of camping, while having a home base to come back to.  As with any activity, handling watercraft can be a real enjoyable part of your trip.

If you find that after a day on the water, you would like to try a canoe camping trip, check out the Canoe camping checklist to compare what you have to what other equipment and supplies that you may need.  If your funds are tight, you could rent instead of buying the canoe and save your funds for the equipment.  On the other hand, you may know of someone who would be willing to go in with you to purchase one.

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