Canoe Supply Checklist

- items that are replaced each trip

Canoe Supply Checklist is a list of items that you will need for your canoe trip.  These are items that will need to be replenished on a regular basis.  A printable version is at the bottom of this page

The key to keeping all these items will be to make sure that they are waterproof.  Wether it be in a food sealer package, watertight bag, or container.  Another critical packaging concern is that there is the least amount of air inside.  Spices and other organics will deteriorate faster if a large amount of oxygen is packed inside.

Another item to keep in mind is space, consider thinking like a backpacker.  Taking the bare minimum and planning down to the last item will utilize every square inch of storage.

Canoe Supply Checklist

Some Packaging Tips

As mentioned at the top of the page, organics such as spices, sugar, and others will deteriorate much more rapidly if there is a great deal of air packed within your package.

For food, the package of choice to consider for these items is a heavy-duty mylar pouch that can be sealed prior to its use on the trip.  Just make sure you squeeze all extra air out of the package prior to sealing.

If you will be on multiple trips, you can pre-package multiple packs with just the right amount for each trip.  For the best storage of items, a nitrogen pack is absolutely the most reliable.

Food is not the only thing that will need to be water proof all of the items that you pack will need to be waterproof or stored in a waterproof container.

Clothing can be easily dried but packing them in a water proof bag, keeping them dry will be appreciated if you were to tip your canoe over.  Something as simple as large zip lock bags may do the trick.

A food sealer will be useful when packing the smaller items on your Canoe supply checklist.  Food sealer bags can be made in to various sizes to accommodate many of the items on your list.  Stores that sell canoe camping supplies will carry other weatherproof containers / bags.

For your convenience here is a Printable Version that you can print out and follow.

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Camping Supplies
Entertainment / Activities
Binoculars Backpack / Fanny Pack Bucket
Bird, Flower guide Bug net, Citronella candles butane lighter (refillable)
Books/Magazines Bug spray Campfire permit
Camcorder Candles Fire extinguisher
Camera/Battery/Film/Video Clothesline / clothespins Kindling /newspaper / fire starters
Cards/Games/Toys Field guides; historical guidebooks BIC lighter
CD player First Aid Kit Fire starter
Fishing gear/license/bait Gloves, Rubber Matches, Waterproof
Interpretive field guides Guidebook
Life jackets Hammock
Paperbacks/DVD's Propane heater
Pencil and paper Insect Repellent
Radio or music player Stuff Sacks / Utility Bags
Star chart/night-sky identifier Toilet paper and plastic container
Tape player Towels/Washcloth
Two way radio
Water filters/purification/treatment
Weather Radio

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