Camping Water Filters

Camping water filters at a campsite can be indispensible, especially for remote camping.   Another scenario would be an extended stay camping trip or lack of available water.  Not all campgrounds provide water at each of the campsites.  This would mean either bringing water with you or hauling it a distance.   As long as there is a source such as a lake or stream, a water filter system will provide the necessary safe drinking water.

Portable Camping Water Filters

Most portable water filters can produce 1 liter per minute, filtering out most contaminants as well as the dirt, debris, bugs etc., meeting EPA standards.  From murky water, to clear clean water drinking water can be obtained.  A word of caution is that if you are in another country, concern of diseases in the water needs to be considered.

Backpackers/Hikers are the biggest users, with the next largest user group being sportsman.  With the concern for space, need for water, a camping water filter system can be is small enough to fit into a backpack.  Those carried by backpackers are about the size of a liter water bottle.  Easy to assemble /disassemble, one can have drinking water within minutes anywhere there is a stream or lake. 

Drip Camping Water Filter

Water filters

For those staying at a campground, the choice of systems increases to include a drip filter to a base camp water filters, which is a bag that is hung from a pole or tree.  Both are design to filter larger quantities of water for more uses and larger groups.

For the drip filter system, unfiltered water is placed in the upper portion, drips through the filter, catching the cleaned water in the bottom portion.  This is ideal for RV’s, family camping, and cabins.  With the capability of producing a gallon in an hour, the need for immediate drinking water is virtually eliminated.  Survival supplies such as a portable water filter and additional filters should also be included within this list.  A quality filter such as the Berkey Sports is small enough to store easily, yet can deliver clean healthy water at a moment's notice.

Water Filter bag

Bag Water Filters

Base Camp Water Filter, which is a water bag or bladder containing a filter, is another type, which will filter large quantities at a time up to 4 liters at a time.  Hang on a pole, or tree, fill, and have water available as needed.

Backpacking water filters

A different type of camping water filter that is rather new on the market is a Steripen, which sterilizes water in second.  Looks a little like a screwdriver with a meter for a handle.  To have good drinking water is a two-step process; first, you have to run the water through a funnel with a coffee like filter, step 2 is to insert the device into the container.

With all the systems that are available, the only real need becomes a source of water such as a lake or stream.  This allows anyone to camp in the back country without hauling large quantities of water if any.  One limitation is the space available for the filter system.

Drip Water Filters

Most camping water filters require the filter to be replaced after a specified number of uses. The filter itself the more expensive part of the systems, starting at about $30 each.  Some of the high priced systems have filters that can be cleaned and reused.  The amount the use of the system will need to be weighed, if it is the source of your drinking water, the higher end system maybe more economical in the long run.

One type of water filter system not discussed here are those that are used in PopUp Campers or RV’s.   Any of the above could be used, but it is more probable that either come with a system of their own.  If not, one can be purchased and installed by the manufacturer, specifically for your RV or PopUp.

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