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All types of camping available to choose from

Let's discuss all of the different Camping types available to you.  We have personally tried many of the methods listed on this page and most worked out well for us. Click on any of the links below to learn about any type that interests you.  The important part of outdoor camping is knowing what to expect.

Backpacking Camping

For a true sense of roughing it, hiking or as it is more commonly known as, Backpacking Camping has its own set of rules.  Enjoy the great outdoors while getting in shape at the same time.  Hiking can be anywhere from an hour long hike out and back to base camp, or days or weeks along the Appalachian Trail.

A motorcycle and sleeping bag and you're ready to camp.  Well almost, but it is almost that simple.  If you own a motorcycle, the type of camping trailers ready to roll behind your ride can be simple to first class.   Motorcycle Camping trailers can get you to many campsites quickly and setup of these style campers can be done in 15 minutes or less.  With today's streamlined trailer designs, most motorcycles 500cc and above can handle trips into winding mountainous destinations.

Tent Camping offers the widest selection to fit just you, two people, or an entire family.  Today's tents, regardless of size, set up in minutes and last many years longer than they used to.   Car Camping . is another inexpensive camping method.   Camping in the outdoor world can be a reality with a family-sized tent.  Of course, there is still a place for the older style canvas tents and we will discuss these as well.

Truck Camping

Many small and large Vans can be converted for camping whether by yourself or have it done.  The other method is Truck Camping by adding a fitted truck tent that is ready to set up in just minutes.  Truck Tents are a great way to go without the hassle of finding just the right campsite.  A truck tent is much less expensive than the standard alternative of a camper shell.

Pop Up Trailer Camping

Pop-up camper trailers are the nearest you can get to a high dollar camping trailer and still enjoy many of the same conveniences.  Room to sleep four people comfortably and saves on fuel for your vehicle.  We cover the different designs along with helpful trailer setup tips as well.

Camping Types also includes...

Canoe Camping

There are many types of specialty camping out there for one, two, or the entire family.

Feeling adventurous?  Try a trip on the wild side with Kayak or Canoe camping.  If that is a little too fast, slow down by taking the family on a Horse Camping adventure.  If you do consider the water however, please make sure you read our information on the proper way of packing.

If you want to push the limits of camping by yourself or with close friends, then that ultimate challenge is outdoor Camping Survival .   Wilderness survival is the absolute extreme end of the camping scale.  Learning to live off the land nowadays is a skill that few can master but many have tried

Since there is a world of possibilities, obviously we have not listed all of them.

If your question or you now have questions here at Camping types, email us using the Contact Us page.

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