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The Home Away From Home

Camping trailers first took hold in America in the 1930's, and have been popular ever since.  Manufactures design the trailers with many of the amenities of home.  Vintage trailers are always sought after because of the way they were built which lasts longer than today's models.

Camping trailers are the method of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. 

This type of camping has two big advantages:

  1. Convenience of setup and take down
  2. Much higher level of "creature comforts"

The two disadvantages are higher levels of required maintenance and depending on the type of trailer, higher price tags.  While maintenance will still be a requirement, purchasing a used one can greatly reduce the cost, as can camper trailer rentals.

Motorcycle Camping Trailers

Motorcycle Camping Trailer

Today's motorcycle camper trailers are sleek aerodynamic additions that provide almost the same advantages of lower cost travel or pop up campers.  Off the ground and protected from the elements make it very appealing.  Another advantage is that you will have extra storage even though you are hauling a small camper.  Before thinking about making the transition from "roughing it" to the comforts of home, your ride has to have enough ponies to do the job.  If you are on flat country, a minimum of 500cc are needed and 750 or better if the mountains are your destination.

Pop Up Tent Trailers

Pop Up Trailer

Pop Up Tent Trailers can be towed with either a light truck or SUV and generally accommodate a family of 4 very comfortably.  The pop up or fold-out trailer is about 12 to 14 feet long when traveling with some models reaching up to 24 feet long.  This lightweight travel trailer has the broadest range of amenities.  To determine what size Pop Up trailer is right for you, read the Pop Up Tent Trailer page.  The high-end trailer can include a full kitchen, bathroom/shower, and dining area with air conditioning or heat. We have also included a page on Setting Up and Maintenance so you are fully aware how it works and what you will need to do differently.

Small Campers (Tear Drop)

Tear Drop Trailer

Originally built in the 1930's and 40's, with the economy has brought a high tech version of this camper trailer back in style.   Lightweight enough to be pulled by a car, the aerodynamic shape of this camper is easy on the gas, but a little more expensive than the popup.  Read more about what a    Small Camper Trailer has to offer and then check out the Setting Up and Maintenance page to learn what is required.

5th Wheel Campers/Travel Trailers

5th Wheel Trailer

The final step up in comfort is the 5th wheel trailer or sometimes called a travel trailer. 

The length of these type trailers range from 18 to 30 feet and require at least a mid-sized truck to haul them.  Although these trailers are longer, they are much easier to back into a camping spot due to the length and the 5th Wheel trailer hitch located in the middle of the truck's bed.  These are truly a home away from home with shower, kitchen, and possibly with its own generator.

The Low Cost option - Used Camping Trailers or Rentals

This style camping is so popular, that there are many outlets offering rentals of all sizes of trailers or even for lease if you are planning on an extended vacation.  If you do rent, storage will not be a problem.

If you decide to buy a used camping trailer to check local newspapers, camping magazines or the internet for used camping trailers.  Do your research, besides comparing prices, look at age, amenities and if there is a place you can take the trailer, to see if it needs parts or be repaired.  Look a new model of the one you're considering to get an idea how well the trailer has stood up for its age.

Besides kicking the tires there is a few things you need to do when actually looking at a trailer.  Make sure the owner gives you the instructions on how to setup and take down the trailer.  If the trailer is not already setup, help the owner do so.  Note any mildew or worn areas of the fabric, dings, and dents as replacing this can be expensive.

Look at the entire trailer, just as if you were purchasing a car.  Don't be afraid to point out any problems you find, this may help in negotiations.  Also, insist on hooking up the trailer and at least take it around the block or a couple of miles. This will bring out any unseen structural problems before you commit to the sale.

If you have additional questions regarding this style camping, send us an email using the Contact Us button on this page.

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