Camping Toilets,
                              nice to have while camping.

Camping toilets, why own your own?  Chances are your campsite may not be close to the campground's bathroom, or you may not want to be that close in the first place due to noise or traffic.  The convenience and sanitation are worth a lot more than trekking out to the woods or the campground facilities in the middle of the night.

Everyone appreciates the convenience of having camping toilet, especially families with small children.  An added benefit is that no one has to confront the local critters at night.  Again, if you like your privacy or your campsite is at the other end of the campground, it could be more of a trek than you want to do in your time of need.

Camping Toilets

There are many designs with varying costs, and what you decide on will depend on convenience, and ease of maintenance.  There are a couple of other considerations in having one as part of your camping gear. 

If your camping group is a mixed group, then it is not out of the question to have a “His and Hers” setup.  On the other hand, if you are family camping with children, then ease of use becomes a bigger factor.

Types of Camping Toilets

Portable Loo

This is the very basic camping toilet; one would say a step above nature.  Very simple design is a 5-gallon bucket with a snap on toilet seat.  It may not seem appealing camping toilet but can be handy in the time of need.  Everything you need to set up and use can be stored inside the bucket.  

If you would be more comfortable with a regular seat, simply purchase one from the local hardware store and silicone it to the lid of the 5 gallon bucket.  Now cut out the inner portion of the lid making sure not to damage the ring part itself.  Now you have something that is a little more comfortable and a lot more sanitary.

It is simple to set up and use.  Simply remove seat from bucket, insert waste bag or trash bag, replace seat.  To control odors there are product you can purchase from a camping store or simply use kitty litter.  If you think about it, if it eliminates cat box odor it will eliminate yours.

You can build a DIY emergency toilet from a 5-gallon bucket, seat, and a few supplies like kitty litter and a supply of tall kitchen bags.  Even in a survival prepper situation, body hygiene is just as important whether at home or out in the wilderness.

Chair Style Camping Toilet

Low end Camping Toilet

There are different designs of the Chair Style.  The similarity is that they all are like camping chairs with holes in the seat.  Some come with covers, and all have some type of waste bags.   Many campers like these because they are lightweight, low maintenance, and cost about $20. 

One is a simple toilet seat on a folding frame, similar to camping chair, with the toilet seat as the seat.  A disposable bag or trash bag is attached to the bottom of the seat.  It needs to be set up on level ground for stability.     

A step up from this is a Go Anywhere Toilet.  This one looks closer to yours at home.  It has three legs and a lid that you can put down when not in use and folds up like a suitcase for easy carrying.  It uses a waste bag that can be sealed and thrown away after use.  

For either of these, the odor can be reduced or eliminated by using, baking soda, kitty litter, or Poo Powder.  Using any of these items will allow the use of the bags more times.

Self Contained Camping Toilet

The self-contained or flushable ones are as close as it comes to being at home.  Most are designed for trailers, with a storage tank.  The storage tank being the drawback, once full, it will have to be emptied. 

Camping Toilet, Self Contained

For the tent, campers there are stand alone self-contained models that can be used at your campsite.  These come in 3 and 5-gallon capacity.  Reasonably priced starting at $90 on up depending on the model.  There again you have to contend with the waste.  To deal with the odors there are biodegradable solutions that is put into the tank.  Keep in mind that the solution takes some time to work, if there is a lot of use, there may not be time before the tank needs to be emptied. 

Not all campgrounds provide a way for you to empty your tank, which will cause a dilemma.   Campgrounds that also have RVs / Trailers will have disposal stations. Therefore, you may want use a plastic waste bag that can be sealed and disposed of properly.  Another option is to go into the wood dig a proper hole and cover properly.  This is ok, but you have dispose of the toilet paper in trash, remember NEVER bury toilet paper.

Self-composting Toilets

Another type is the self-contained composting, which some models use a natural process with fans to disperse odor.  This type comes either electric or non-electric, which makes it ideal for any type of camping.  The simplest model resembles a barrel with a removable inner bucket.  Prices start at about $40 on up depending on the model

Some models allow you to use a trash or waste bag, majority require the use of composting material.  With waste mixed with the compost material, removing any odor and disposal is simply tilling the material into the ground.

This type of toilet is more for those who have a more permanent campsite.  Set up in a small outhouse type building.  This would be ideal for those of you who work out in your yard or if you are wanting to be prepared.  With the waste material mixed with the compost material over time it will all look the same.  There are people with gardens that will use it for their gardens.


A very inexpensive method to add privacy is to purchase a shower tent.  This type of tent is perfect for placing the toilet inside and it can be placed just a few feet away from the tent.  Of course, if you are camping by yourself and have the room, simply place it in the corner of the tent

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