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The more camping you do the more Camping Tips you will learn from other campers or come up with your own.  As you are planning your camping trip you may wonder how you can make it easier, a better way, make the load lighter or just more enjoyable.

Well we have Campin Carl here to help us with some good camping tips and ideas.  He has been camping for years, ever since  he was little, and that a long time.  He is a friendly old man who is willing to share if you have the time.  Just pull a chair or log, grab a cup of coffee and listen.

Now the best we can figure is that Carl has picked these camping tips up over the years talking with other campers or figuring it out on his own.  So we sit and listen to Carl when we have time, talk to other campers, read as time permits and just plain trial and error.

Here are those camping tips and ideas we hope will be helpful.

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Backpacking Tips

1. Take time to choose the lightest compact camping equipment possible.  Weight and space will be a big concern, with time a research a number of pieces of camping equipment can be purchased including your sleeping bag, cookware, or tools.      

2. Try to choose items that can double for other things.  For example, use a poncho as a ground cloth or an unused cooking pot can double as a dinner plate. 

3. Choose dehydrated foods, drinking powders, and boxed foods without water in them.  Since water is heavy by itself, this way you control how much liquid is used.

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Camp Cooking Tips

1. Use zip-lock bags for mixing foods.  Be sure it is closed tight and the top is held shut before shaking or kneading.

2.  Coals provide a more steady, even heat without the smoke.  To get your charcoal pieces ready quicker, use a charcoal chimney. Cook on or over coals (either wood or charcoal) not flame.

3. Use a canning ring to cook your eggs when using English muffins or bagels, for egg sandwiches.

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Camping Equipment and Supplies Tips

1. A plastic bottle makes a good latern for cold weather camping. Keep it just outside the tent flap. A length of chain and a piece of coat hanger bent into an S-shape will allow you to hang your lantern.

2. Use glow sticks for a bit of soft light at night.  A glow stick attached to tent spike to mark their location at night

3. Head lamps hung around your neck can provide a hands-free light source

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Camping Food Tips

1. Use zip lock bags to store foods like soup, sauces, chili etc. Freeze the food and put in cooler. It helps keep other foods cold.

2. On your last day of camp, use your leftover meats and vegetables to make omelets for breakfast. You can use almost any ingredient in omelets. Then you don’t have to take the leftovers home with you.

3. Keep condiment packets and plastics silverware that come from fast food restaurants.

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Campfire Basics Tips

1.Use Baby Wipes or Sanitizing Wipes as a fire starter (check before leaving, not all wipes will burn).

2. Cheese puffs or Daritos can be used as a substitute for tinder.

3. Cotton balls and Q-Tips coated with an oil, Vaseline or petroleum jelly, stored in a resealable bag make an excellent waterproof fire starter.

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Choosing Your Campsite Tips

1. Old shower curtains make great ground tarps.

2. Putting up a tarp over tent or common area in case of being rained out.

3. Confirm accessibility of campsite for vehicle unloading.

4. Confirm size of campsite to make sure your tent will fit.

Cooking Equipment and Supplies Tips

1. Cooking supplies that fit within each other work great for freeing up additional space. Use pots as mixing bowls is just one example.

2. Use fireproof cooking equipment.

3. Use dirt to clean all your dishes except Teflon, absorbs oils and foods, bury the dirt.  Then rinse your pot or pan.

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Miscellaneous Tips

1. Take an extra tablecloth to throw over table covering the table as well as any items to prevent morning dew from soaking in. Also try to bring extra tarp.

2. Plan on washing clothes if your going to camp more than a weekend.  This will allow you to reduce the total amount of extra clothes you will need to pack. 

3. Create a clothesline using para cord or use a piece of wood with many branches to dry out clothes and towels. 

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Motorcycle Camping Tips

1. Tank bags are great to block wind but you can use the map pocket to put your route.

2. When riding, shield yourself from wind to reduce fatigue.

3. If you motorcycle camp, and are traveling long distance take a break when you fill up with gas.  Walking around will cut fatigue as well as keep you from getting stiff.

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Setting Up Your Campsite Tips

1. Check with the campground about security and quiet hours.  Noisy campers spoil any camping trip.

2. Remove twigs and rocks from tent area before laying down tarp or putting up tent.  One way is to rake the area removing most of the debris.

3. Check to see where the shade is at your campsite, this will be where you want your table and chairs to be.

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Tent Camping Tips

1. Keep tent zipped up to prevent insects from getting  in tent, especially at night.

2. To increase the visibility and to avoid tripping on, mark the guide lines of your tent or tarp with foil or colored fabric

3. Use a hard doormat or throw rug at each tent door to reduce the amount of dirt into the tent.

Trailer Camping Tips

1. Look over the area you are going to park your trailer.  Take note of how level the area is, and where it slopes.  The more level the area, leveling of trailer is much quicker.

2. Open the front  window on each side to allow air flow this will help especially when passing larger vehicles

3. Confirm if tent camping site locations are as good as RV or Trailer.  In some cases, a campground might allow a small trailer into a tent site.

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