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4 Man Tent

Camping Tents have improved with time.  Over the years, tents have evolved from canvas materials and interior poles to lightweight fabrics with exterior collapsible poles.  With today's fabrics and designs, they have become easier to set up and take down.  Most notable changes are backpacker's tent, providing protection from the elements.  A family tent that sleeps 4 comfortably can be set up in 10 minutes or less.

When choosing the tent you need, make your selection based on the following 2 conditions:

  • Number of people to be accommodated
  • Typical temperature you will be camping in i.e. summer, winter, etc...
Family Tent

The first condition is self-explanatory.  You would not try to cram 5 people into one made for two- people (no matter how good of friends you are).  However it doesn't make any sense to take a family tent that can sleep 8 along the Appalachian Trail.  It physically won't be able to be set up on any of the small, hard to find camping areas.  It is advisable to only carry tents no larger than two man tents if going along the AT as there will be more available spaces near the shelters..

For a quick view of the designs available, we have arranged a list in order of number of people that can sleep comfortably.

Backpack Camping - Solo one-man tents

2 or 3 Person Types - 2 and 3 Person tent designs

Family Camping - For 4 or more people

Outdoor Canopy - With or without solid or sreen sides

Truck Tents - In the back of a truck, up off the ground

Canvas or wall tents
- Suited for winter or long term

Camping Temperatures

When selecting your tent consider time of year you are going.  For most of us, tent camping is a 3-season adventure meaning Spring, Summer, and Fall.   Some however, are more adventurous and include Winter Camping as their hobby.  Heading out in temperatures at freezing or below requires a different type setup and gear.

Here are the main differences for winter tents:

  • Fabric and floor are solid to block the wind and insulate the floor.
  • Design is such that snow or ice cannot accumulate which would normally collapse a 3-season design.
  • Top is designed in such a way to allow just enough air circulation, but keeps in the warmth.

Camping Tents Accessories and Repair

Tent Accessory

There are many accessories available for camping tents.  Carefully consider what accessories you would like before you buy.  Some of the accessories can be nice to have but think about how often are you going to use it and will you have room for it.

There will be those times when a pole or area of your setup needs to be repaired.  It would be advisable to take a repair kit on your trips.  Many parts are available for replacement or repaired and can be found at Camping Tent Accessories.

Camping tents have for the most part been our preferred type camping over the years.  Easy to set up, lightweight, comes in its own storage case or bag and stores anywhere.  Most people that own camping trailers or RVs started in a tent.

If you have any questions at all about different tent styles or which one would be best for you, email us using the Contact Us page.

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