Camping Tent Accessories -

 and Replacement Parts

Many people over look their Camping Tent Accessories that they will need or want to have on hand.  At some point, you will need to do repairs or want extra storage.  Both a more than likely happen, while you are camping and not at home.  Repair part especially, should be included on you camping checklist.

Camping Tent Accessories

Tent Accessory

Your camping tent accessories  can be enhanced with different camping accessories that can be added to your existing tent setup.  A front or side awning may be added to provide a little more dry space while you may want to add some lights or net shelves to the inside.  These items fold up small into their own carry cases, or put into the tent bag. 

For those who spend a week more camping may want to look into adding accessories such as a small folding stool.  Especially those items that will add storage space to the tent such as a folding night stand great place to store glasses, wallet, keys, and other small items.

Camping Tent Repair Parts

As with any product, parts eventually get worn or broken.  With the newer design in collapsible fiberglass tent poles, these are items that receive the most wear and tear.  Tent pole replacements are inexpensive and will add to the life of your camping tent.

Tent Repair Kits

The key to replacing any tent pole is to make sure you stay with the exact original length. Tents are designed with pole lengths matched to the amount of fabric and just changing one pole that is a little longer, can stretch the entire tent, even cause tearing.

Many outdoor camping stores have tent pole replacements available.  Just make sure that you have the original length of the pole, and take a tape measure with you to perform a double check.  In some cases, if the pole is too long, you may be able to trim it back as long as you do not get into the string of the cord mechanism.  If you are unable to get the correct length, you may need to replace the pole with one that is a 1-inch shorter.

Camping Tent Equipment

Along with repairing worn or broken parts, eventually some tent equipment parts will come up missing as well.  This is especially true for tent stakes.  Replacement stakes can be ordered along with some of the tent fittings either from the store or directly from the manufacturer.

If the tent gets a hole in it, there are repair kits for the minor holes. Look into these kits before you pitch the tent.  The fabric in the repair kits come in different color, so there is a good chance that you find a color to match your tent.

We have a Tent Equipment and Tent Accessories link on our Camping Store page that show to more common tent repair and accessories you may need.

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