Camping Table

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A Camping table is one item that not everyone thinks of.  The camping table is used for preparing food, cooking using a camp stove, or just placing items like spices or other items you don't want to leave on the ground.

It can be small and compact for a biker or backpacker.   This size is perfect for use on the trail.  Larger ones can do the same or more for the people who tent, truck, pop-up camper or van camp.

Todays models are lightweight and they can fold into a 4' x 6" x 32 carrying bag weighing only a little over 9 lbs.  

The tables are sturdy enough to hold up to 100 lbs of camping gear/food.

Types of Camping Tables

The original camping table was the 4 legs "card table" as it could fold flat and was relatively easy to clean.  The problem was that it wasn't designed for outdoor use especially in the wilderness.  

Todays tables fold flat and also have other hinge points to fold into an extremely small package.  The use of aluminum legs and plastic hinges replaced the standard metal legs and hinges making them last much longer.

Some styles can even include their own "picnic" style benches to sit on and have a durable plastic top.  While these are a little large to be carrying, they are perfect if driving up to a remote site.

Picnic camping table

Still others may have a drop in sink to wash dishes after the meal or store a couple of slim drawers for utensils.  Even some of the chuck boxes can be turned into a table rugged enough to use outdoors.

Table Tops

There is a variety of tabletops to decide on when choosing a camping table.  The aluminum sheet tabletop can be purchased with a flat smooth surface or the more traditional "dimpled" surface.  

The dimpled surface lasts much longer since the pattern strengthens the metal.  The one drawback with this style table is that it usually can only be folded in half like a small card table.

One of the best tables we have found is the Coleman Camping Table which has laminated surfaces for easy cleaning and durability.

Large camping tabe

The white or gray plastic tops are more durable than the metal, but are more difficult to clean.  Bleach is usually used after each camping trip since the plastic can absorb some of the cooking oils and grease from cooking.  Again, this style table is folded flat like the aluminum, which makes it difficult for backpacking or hiking.

Camping Table

The lattice style of either plastic strips or roll up segments are ideal for backpacking as they can fold up into a very small carrying bag or fit inside a backpack.  The only drawback with this style is that they are usually made for one or just barely two people to use at any one time.

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