Camping Stories

- tales, ghost stories and fables!

The telling of camping stories or campfire stories is a tradition that goes back far into our ancestry.   It brings the group, whether family or friends, to share an experience together that can never be experienced anywhere else.

Camping Stories

Sitting around the campfire in the evening or late at night provides the perfect setting for the telling of campfire ghost stories that are based on a legend or local folklore.  Obviously, legends can be of the historical variety or simply a legend that you make up on your own.  These types of stories work well especially if you can add to the effect with a partner helping you along.  The partner can make strange noises in the woods or shine "mysterious" lights.

Campfire stories don't always have to be scary.   If you have youngsters in the group, a funny story would probably be better suited.  The last thing you need is to spoil your camping trip, with your kids waking up from nightmares or being too afraid to go to sleep.

We have arranged this page so you can make up the story on your own and how to tell it.

The Basics

Depending on the age group and number of people listening to your story is the first thing to consider for that perfect telling.  If you have a small group, have them sit equally on either side of you in front of the fire.  This gives you the best chance to distract their attention away from you, if you are using any kind of props for the story.  Larger groups will probably be around the fire and telling stories to this type of group usually will require a partner or two outside of the circle to make it great  .Of all the camping activities, this turns into one of the best campfire games there are.

It requires a bit of magic to tell the best story and here are a few things you can do to distract your listeners when needed.

1. Everyone's attention can be drawn to the fire when it is stirred up or another log thrown on.

2. Change the color of the fire for effect.

3. Work with a partner to provide just the right effects when needed.

Types of Camping Stories

Campfire Stories

Not all campfire stories have to be the scary kind.  Depending on the group or campground you are staying, there are many different types to capture your listeners.

    * Ghost Stories and other scary stories

    * Religious stories

    * Stories born out of local legends (you can make up the legend)

    * Stories that have a moral- Pick a problem your children are experiencing, turn it into a fable

    * Funny stories

Camp stories

You can make camping stories a learning experience or just more of the excitement on the trip that will be enjoyed by all. There is no script to follow for any story.  Just put the ending in your mind first and work the story backwards from there.  That is really all there is to it.

There are a great many camping stories that can be told and we have heard a lot of them over the years.  If you are still stuck and need some help, please email us using the Contact Us page and we'll send you some sample stories we have heard.

Have a great campfire story?

A campfire story is a great way to end the day? What scary or funny story do you have to Share?

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