Camping Shower  -

the Key To Camping Hygiene

If one thinks about a camping shower, this usually means the one in your RV or the showers at your camping facility.  Still others might think of a nearby river or just wait until they get home.

The good news is that you don't need to neglect body hygiene because there are many methods to either build a camp shower or buy one.  The two main things to consider besides privacy are where to get the water and how to heat it up to a comfortable temperature.  The water supply can come from a nearby river, or stream, or if equipped, a spigot at the campsite.  The main concern is that the water is clean.  If your source is a lake or river some water filtration systems are large enough to take a quick shower.

Heating Water for Showers

Camping shower

Heating the water can be accomplished by a number of different ways.  For those who don't mind about a 3 or 4 hour wait, solar heating may be the best bet.  Another method is a self-contained water heater system, and of course, you can always heat up water on your camping stove or on the fire directly.  This last method is the most economical and can be the most practical if you have a homemade camping shower.

A solar shower is a puncture and tear resistant bag made of up to 4 plys of durable plastic film.  The bag, hung from a tree limb during use can usually hold up to 4 gallons of water.  This shower has a short hose and a small adjustable shower head for control.  On average, it takes 3 to 4 hours in sunlight to heat the water.  When empty, the entire shower folds into a very small package and weighs about 2 pounds.

Solar heated outdoor shower

The water heater, fueled by propane or gas, allowing the water to be heated on demand from your water source.  Most water sources are simple water containers, which come as large as 5 gallons providing hot water allowing for showers up to 10 minutes.

The water pump is battery operated which delivers water pressure for showers, washing dishes or any other camping needs.  The water heater breaks down for easy storage and transport.

Camping Shower Enclosures

For any type of camping shower, you can either build an enclosure or purchase a shower tent.  Shower tents accommodate any type of shower you may desire and can double as a room for your camping toilet or dressing area.  Average size is 4 X 4 X 7, easily setup in any corner of your campsite.  Be sure to put down an outdoor mat to help keep the inside clean.

Shower Tents

If you want to make a homemade shower, you will need 1/2 in or 3/4 in PVC pipe, 8 elbow, 8 T and a tarp or 2 shower curtains for walls.  The dimensions are 4 x 4 x 6 (box shape) a little shorter than one that you would purchase.  The T's are connected to 1 side of each of the elbows, with bottom of T pointing down from top and up from the bottom.  The vertical pieces are inserted into the bottom of the T's to connect the top and bottom.  For easy transport, do not glue pieces together, unless it is the T's and elbows.

Another homemade shower is to simply hanging an umbrella upside down in a tree.  Punching several small holes around the center of the umbrella. The end of the hose from your water source would then place near the center.

If you really want to enjoy the great outdoors, then why not try making your own shampoo from Kudzu oils and the petals from different flowers.  Some varieties of the marigold are used for making a great shampoo for washing hair and it doesn't get more natural than this.

We have tried many of the camping shower systems described here on this page as well as the homemade shower.  All are preferred over the lake or river and a bucket.

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